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Hi there again!
After successfully fixing the hook timing etc. by a good tech over here i had 
this problem...
The trimmer wasn't trimming correctly, sometimes it did sometimes it didn't.I 
decided to change the trimmer.I did it.Now the following happens :|||
After cutting it ALWAYS gives bobbin error and if I take it out it's short cut 
and I have to manually fix and stitching restart correctly till the next 
cut...it's getting painful :|||||
I solved a thread break problem with the tech (he properly aligned and 
configured the hook) and I had a bad thread cone.
Now I have this bobbin thing :|
I'm a bit depressed about it, especially because the tech are always involved 
and you are never able to fix using a normal manual.I understand it's a serious 
business but it's also frustrating to call the tech for everything :|||
Any idea?  :( 
Did i make something bad when changing the trimming knife?
Is there any instructional video for maintenance etc. that i can use?


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