[amayausers] Re: Baseball Caps

  • From: "Roland R. Irish III" <signman@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: amayausers@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 5 Apr 2006 13:06:32 -0400

Aaron's pricing sounds about right- $2.50 for 'bulk' or group rate,  
$5 alone. And not taking personal checks...I run into this a lot with  
"Friends of Football" or Soccer, etc. I think another post last year  
some one asked about taking orders 'outside' of a group order from  
parents that didn't want to 'go with the group'.
If you give a 'group' rate  or 'bulk discount'- then make sure they  
know that means ONE person gives order, ONE person pays for the  
ENTIRE order-and NO ONE can order 'outside' that person. Otherwise  
you will get other parents that want 'an extra one' or 'I wasn't at  
the meeting but I want some too at the group price, but make mine a  
little different'....etc. I had one group give me a big order for  
sweatshirts, each kids name, number, etc. and then came to pick it up  
with an envelope full of cash and checks-some made out to me, some to  
the group, some to 'cash'....and not enough to cover the whole order!  
They said they would 'send me the rest' as they collected it...nope.  
That lucky person had to cover the rest with HIS check to get ANY of  
That was the first and last time I did that method! Since then-any  
'group' deal-one person, one check. I give them a printed 'order  
sheet' when they come in-with a print of the design or layout, and  
individual 'lines' to take orders (name, size, number, etc. AND $$  
amount) . At the top of the page is the GROUP price per shirt, and  
also, an 'INDIVIDUAL' price shown-usually almost double that amount- 
so people know how much they will pay if they come direct to me...NO  
savings. The groups prefer this-because a lot of time they are making  
a profit on the shirts for the group. (The 'group' price we print is  
the one they will sell them at). And never fails, every time-someone  
tries to get around the 'group' and deal direct with me. We don't  
play that game if it is a 'fund raiser' item for a group.
Do this, and the groups will come back over and over because they  
know YOU are taking care of THEM.
As Aaron points out-how much of the business from 'the other guys' is  
he getting now!

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