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No Bill,
It is not common.  What I have found is that the sewing arm cover (silver 
color) unfortunately has very clean and sharp edges from when it was cut at the 
factory.  If this front edge is slightly higher than the back end of the needle 
plate, the sharp edge will cut a hole through the backing around the furthest 
back edge of a small round hoop while sewing. 

Try loosening the four set screws on either side of the sewing arm cover and 
see if you can set the cover further down into the sewing arm so that the 
leading edge is equal to or slightly lower than the back edge of the needle 

If that doesn't work try this...
Remove the sewing arm cover from the machine.  With a grinding file, grind down 
the top edge until it is tapered down - possibly a 45 degree angle.  Then take 
fine sand paper (around 600 grit) and polish the tapered edge to smooth down 
any rough edges created by the grinding.
Replace the cover making sure the newly tapered edge is facing the front of the 
machine.  Verify that the leading edge has a smooth transition from the needle 
plate by sliding your hand front to back across the two surfaces.

Hope this helps.

Ed Orantes
Embroidery Machine Tech & Trainer


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