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TNI - The Network Incorporated
BNI - Business Network International
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OK  Everyone...........what does BNI & TNI stand for?

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I am a member of BNI.  I moved from  my home to storefront in November =
decided I would give it a  try.  I plan to fully particpate for one year =
then  re-evaluate>

Membership is $350 per year (?)
We meet at a nice  restaurant that I really like.
It is $13 per week and if I can't make it I  need to find a sub (pool
provided) or the treasurer gets the $ We pay a  month in advance for =

I don't eat out once a week and this  is high.
I ususally feel some pressure when the hour rolls around...too  much to =
done HOWEVER it is the one block of time I look forward to  GETTING OUT =

It has really increased my awareness to  THE VALUE OF NETWORKING and if I
walked away from it after one year it  would have been well worth it for =

I am getting  sales from the group members, referrals,  introductions to
others, and  I am confident my name gets thrown out MUCH MORE than it =
if I  were not a member.My kids all play sports for a Catholic Youth
Organization  and we have been active and have contacts there.  I know I  =
getting more exposure to the LARGER COMMUNITY BOYS AND GIRLS CLUB  =
some BNI memebrs.

So...it is good but the deciding  factor comes to
do you have the marketing budget?
time to attend a  weekly meeting?
willingness to "make it work"

Visit a few  meetings of a few groups first and see if you like the =
and  would feel comfortable referring others for their  services
(EXPECTATION).  If you are shy it will help you approach  others.  If you =
outgoing and confident meeting others, it  will help you refine your
networking skills.

Hope this  helps!

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>Subject: [amayausers] BNI  membership

>Does anyone have a BNI membership?
>I just got an  invitation to join our local chapter and was curious if=20
>anyone knows  about their fees? Thanks LuAnn @ Image Embroidery
>Because Your "Image"  Matters

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