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This is interesting.  I digitize in Wilcom, not Design Shop, but just this last 
week I've been having the exact same problem as Jazmin.  I'll save all my 
files(different names/same design) as DST's on Computer A, then access each 
file as usual from the Amaya OS on Computer B in the production room.  All of 
them run fine, but one keeps crashing OS as soon as I try to load the design.  
If I move the design to Computer B's desktop, then load it from there, it opens 
fine.  I thought this was just a small one-time thing, but no.... it just 
happened again today with a different design.  Very strange!  This hasn't 
happened in the last few years, why this all of a sudden started happening, I'm 
not sure.  The only difference we can see is that we changed Computer A over to 
Windows 7 in December, but not Computer B (which is still running XP and the 
Amaya OS9)  Any thoughts from you guys is welcome!


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