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If it wasn't for my mortgage being under $900 left to pay...I'd be looking for 
a job somewhere!
I've seen all my major 'big' client orders come to a grinding 
halt-screenprinting, ad specialties, signs, engraving...but fortunately an 
increase of small walk-in type of jobs, and a lot of small businesses (mom and 
pop type) that are desperate for business going for a new banner or a couple of 
shirts to dress up their business a little.
It's annoying-dealing with 6 or 8 small orders a day instead of 1 or 2 big 
ones-but my bills get paid-I just do a lot more running around and multi 
So my advice to everyone teetering on the edge...hang in there-walk instead of 
drive, consolidate driving to one 'errand run' a day, and smile at the walk in 
small orders...it will keep you going!
And, don't let larger companies get 'open credit'...the ones that ask for it 
are the ones in trouble!


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