[amayausers.com] Re: Amaya & Non-Melco digitzing software; is it possible

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Yes, you can run the Amaya without Design Shop. Having Design Shop allows quick 
interaction between the machine and digitizing software by just left clicking 
on a DS icon. You can also assign machine settings in Design Shop and load 
design information directly to the Amaya by File, Machine Load commands.

No, other digitizing programs will not allow this quick back and forth 
interaction to take place so therefore, technically speaking, your digitizing 
software will not "communicate" with the Amaya.

Your digitizing software will create a file for a design and then you save it 
to a folder in whatever drive you wish. Amaya can access any folder on your 
hard drive and will open compatible stitch files in them.

Rod Springer
Amaya Tech & Trainer


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