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I think at this point you need to run the Amtrim Test Design. This is just for 
testing the trimmers which affects the bobbin pickup to some degree.

Amtrim is found by going into C drive, Program Files, Melco, Amaya, Test 
Designs, Amtrim.

Use 3 layers of " cut-a-way" backing tightly in an 18cm hoop, (do not use 
tear-a-way backing for this test), and drop your presser foot all the way down 
and up 1 click. Check all of your machine settings. Use the "auto activ-feed. 
In Tools, Settings, Threadfeed, check to see that the auto-lower limit is at 1 
and run/fill speed is at 100...these are the defaults.

Run the machine to start at 1100 spm but not above 1200 spm.

In the Color Sequencing, select colors 1,2,3,4,5,6 and so on to 16 and the 
colors will wrap themselves from there.

Run this design and document the failures, if any on each needle and what that 
failure is, ie...miss trim, not picking up the bobbin, etc.

One of the causes for the needle not picking up
the bobbin is that the bobbin was not picked up by the selector and the knife 
then cut it off at the top of the bobbin case, leaving a very short tail on the 
bobbin thread, which in turn, the rotary hook was not capable of picking up and 
tieing into....whewww...ran out of breath on that one....

The next time you get a "no bobbin pickup" on one of those needles or any 
needle, for that matter, pull out the bobbin case and see if the bobbin thread 
is cut off very close to the case...this is a very good indicator that the 
selector may need to be adjusted...

Rod Springer
Amaya Tech & Trainer


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