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Hi There,
regarding the Tech Cd that's supplied with the machine. I have a 2005 "version" 
of the tech cd (also if my machine is 2006.Inside it there are really a few 
videos that covers only :
-needle orientation and insertion
-bobbin use
-cable connection
They don't show anything how :
-Adjust hook timing
-Change trimmer
...anything more?
Reading some posts it looks like there should be more video like this into our 
cd case...just there aren't  :( (
Can anyone tell me if i miss something and/or how to get it? 
For example when the tech came the 1st time the rotary hook timing was out of 
range and it caused a lot of thread break problems.After he set it correctly 
they almost disappeared....but i have to check it by myself now i'm a bit lost 
only with the manual.


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