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Sounds like you've upset her(Amaya)...
My wife lets off smoke when I upset her too.

Can you tell us what you oiled and how much?  I have heard of motors and
circuit boards letting out the "magic smoke" before, but I just can't think
what you could have gotten oil on that would burn something electrical.  If
it wasn't oil related, it may have just been a fluke situation - kind of
like when a light bulb decides to go out.  Only area where you should be
liberal with oil (and this is my personal recommendation) is in the key slot
(oil puddle) in that silver metal plate just to the left of and behind the
needle case (when on needle 16).  The maintenance schedule calls out for
8-10 drops and wait about 1-5 minutes before running.  I suggest 15-20 drops
and wait about 15 minutes before running.  The oil has to work with gravity
and make it's way down a channel, then a small tube and finally absorb into
a couple of felt washers that assist with the lubrication of the
reciprocator and few other vital parts.  If you were to over oil this area,
the worst that may happen is you would have oil dripping on your garments to
be embroidered while on the machine.
        When ever you have a burning electrical problem, one must make sure all
compromised parts are replaced.  For example, if you replace a burnt motor,
you should also replace the circuit board that supplies power to that motor.
The last thing you want is to go through the headache of an installation and
timing procedure of a new motor when the compromised circuit board may just
do the same thing to the new motor.  Let's just hope it is in fact within
the warranty period.  You will most probably be asked to cover the travel
costs for the tech.
Best of luck to ya'.

Ed & Maralien Orantes
E.M. Broidery
900 Terry Parkway, Ste. 200
New Orleans, La. 70056
504-EMBROID ery (504-362-7643)

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I'm new to the list and had a problem this morning.  I was wondering if
anyone has experianced this:

I was doing a 4,000,000 stitch maint. on an Amaya I have had for almost
1 year.
The machine was just sitting there after the oiling part of the
maintenance and it started smoking.
The smoke started pouring out of the front of the machine and filled the
office.  Before I could shut it down,  it went dead.  After the smoke
cleared it did power back up but would not function.



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