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Are they new or used machines? Is the cable new or used?
My guess, since the lights flickered-is you have a lose wire or connection in 
your POWER cord to that machine...and when running, it might be jiggling it 
just enough to break the connection long enough to send a 'disconnected from 
master' signal or whatever it gives for a message.
For simple diagnostic to start...pull the plugs on both, compare ends...any 
loose 'plug pins' comparing one to the other? Is the cord yanked out of the 
plug-wires showing? If yes-replace the male plug and or the entire length of 
cord back to the box in the amaya. Nothing different here?
Check the outlet itself...plug in a desklight or something easy to one outlet, 
wiggle it around-then switch to the other one. I've had outlets go 'bad' just 
on one side-drives you nuts thinking you've lost power to the box when the 
other outlet hole works. Nothing here?
Then you've ruled out the easy stuff.
Double check your 'network' cord next, if you have a spare, try that one. See 
if wiggling the original first makes the lights blink or computer error window 
come up. Nothing happening here?
Then it's beyond my ability...but as far as I would go with trouble shooting. 
might be time to call the tech!
Hope some of this helps and you find the problem!
But chances are good, all this is the first thing a tech is going to check 


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