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Hello, my name is Mark and I am new to this forum. I have two Amaya's and am 
having trouble with one right now. It happened the first time a couple weeks 
ago. In the middle of a design the lights shut off for a split second and when 
they came back on the hoop arms flew backward and the needle crashed into the 
front of the hoop and broke. It seemed like there was a power loss but just to 
this machine and then once it came back up it had no idea what it was supposed 
to be doing. The computer showed the icon loadeing RSA and CSA  just like it 
does when you first power it up. Melco sent me out the most updated software 
and I installed it. It happened again with just a name drop last night. Same 
deal. Any ideas? Only one of the Amaya's is doing this. They are connected via 
a router to my computer. Any help would be appreciated. Thank You.


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