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I watched it at the Long Beach ISS show....it was pretty nice. It looks the  
same as the anajet. The nozzle heads are supposed to be bigger and so the  
coverage is better and faster. I was really impressed by the white coverage and 
speed. I brought home a sample I've yet to wash. The price tag is about $15k. 
I  still want to research how much the cartridges cost. Supposedly, because it 
is a  cartridge system, the ink doesn't clog as much and you can simply 
exchange the  ink cartridges with the cleaning carts. Also, if your not 
printing on 
dark  garments, you can put 4 color carts in their place (system has a total 
of 8  cartridge slots). 
Two years ago, I looked at the T-Jet (I think) who was promoting white ink;  
had been ready to buy but walked away extremely disappointed at their system  
(also at ISS Long Beach). I know systems have changed but if you would think 
at  the show they would put their very best display.
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just  some chatter, but I haven't heard great things about it.  Nothing  
specific, other than if you aren't going to use it every day, the maintenance  
too much to keep up with.  I'm sure everyone will have a story about  
different DTG printers but that's what I've heard.

Ronald &  Shirley Lowe <rlowe10466@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:  
Does anyone know anthing about the Amaya DGT printer. I have been  thinking 
about getting a DTG, but the problems with the white ink have put  that thought 
on hold. Just wondering if they have a better syatem and does  anyone know 
what the cost is to purchase not lease.  

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