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  • From: Captain Gold <captaingold@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 29 Dec 2003 12:45:28 -0500

There is an Amaya user's group out there that I suggest you join. The group 
has members that can share all the good and bad that has come up with the 
Amaya. You can get an idea from a much larger group of users that way. I'm 
copying this message to the group in the hopes that the group manager will 
contact you directly with instructions on how to join.

I'm a walking advertisement for Melco. I absolutely love my Amaya. It's a 
perfect size, runs quietly (relative to the other machines I've seen), and 
now that I'm perfecting my hooping has relatively few thread breaks (those 
first few designs were a real mess, though). Training was very useful and 
my trainer was very accommodating, too. I'm a complete newcomer to the 
embroidery world and the transition has been pretty painless.

I haven't had any cause to call for service, and my self maintenance 
requirements seem to be pretty easy. My husband and I compared the sound 
levels to other machines and both agreed independently that the Amaya was 
the quietest operating. I don't seem to see that much vibration with mine, 
and the latest OS has it running even smoother.

I have had trouble with thread breaks, but each time have traced it back to 
my digitizing or my hooping. Not having experience with other industrial 
embroidery machines in anything other than a display environment, I can't 
say if it's more sensitive to these things or not. I do use stock designs 
and have found that I need to edit them a bit for pull. Much of the work I 
do is custom and requires my digitizing a design.

That said, even when the design is "bullet proof" I can get a whole series 
of shirts out with no thread breaks if the design is hooped properly. I 
just did 30 shirts with a pseudo patch style design and only one thread 
break. Once you go to the training and change some of the factory default 
settings, the Amaya should breeze through just about anything.

I find the cart to be very handy. I store my cap driver underneath, and 
keep bobbins and other little tools on the tray. It's just the right height 
for me to sit next to the machine and watch something stitch out without 
switching from the computer (I'm a one machine shop in the home, so space 
is limited). Most of the packages Melco offers includes the cart and it 
makes moving the machine around incredibly easy since it has lockable wheels.

I hope this helps.
Connie Bechtel
Wyvern Productions

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