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    In the Amaya OS owners manual it states that in most cases it will 
recover from a power outage, in my manual it was on page 2-17. I bought the 
UPS system because I get brownouts in my area and the UPS will keep a 
consistent power to the machine, the runtime if the power goes out is just a 


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> Its good to see that Melco has such a loyal following. Some who are so 
> very
> protective that they are willing to put up with the short commings  in the
> machine rather than critize it and have things improved.
> I am not bagging the machine. I am only suggesting improvements that Melco
> should think of. Just like I suggested the grabber be put behind the head
> and the thread retention spring be made wider to cover needle 1 and 16
> Anand
> You can add up to 30 heads to each dongle, I don't think they intended it
> for home users. As far as recovering from a power outage I do believe it
> will start where it left off if the power goes out, if you are that 
> worried
> about it get a UPS battery backup system, it should get you through 
> whatever
> design you are running then you can shut it down when the design finishes.
> One of my machines runs for about a half hour on the battery backup system
> that I have.
> Russell

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