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The Presser Foot is made out of a light weight aluminum material and can 
sometimes not be perfectly aligned with the needle as Mr. Cathers noted.  The 
most important direction for the presser foot is up and down - not side to 
 The outside of the adjustment wheel is relative to the position of the presser 
foot...  meaning if you roll the outside of the wheel down, the presser foot 
will adjust down too. 
The presser foot should have been named more appropriately, the "fabric hold 
down stick", because that is what it does.  Of course only if the fabric 
decides to come up off the needle plate with the needle on the upstroke.  This 
would be caused by something like sewing into thick fabric or very dense 
Since you are sewing on an Amaya XT, my suggestion to you is to leave the 
presser foot all the way down for most garments.  As you sew on thick items and 
start to see matting marks around the embroidery, particulary above the 
embroidery, then I might raise the presser foot slightly.  REMEMBERING to 
return it all the way down again when sewing on regular items once again.  
Otherwise you're asking for unwanted thread breaks.
Good luck to you.
Ed Orantes


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