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For the majority of embroiderers out there, the "bobbin timer" will be 
impractical since the number of stitches that each bobbin spool will contain 
will vary from design to design.
However, for someone like "Earls Embroidery" who is sewing very, very large 
designs, this may prove to be a good fit for them.  Although the stitch count 
per bobbin will vary, even within the same design, you can accomplish what you 
are concerned about which is to choose a value low enough to stop the machine 
prior to running out of thread.
You could also accomplish this task with the software you currently have by 
inserting a "HOLD" command after a specific color change in the color change 
sequence if you knew where to do so before running out of bobbin on the 
following color.  The "HOLD" command will tell the machine to stop and wait 
until you hit the start button again.  You could strategically insert a few 
"HOLD" commands throughout a very large design and at the point the machine 
stops, you would then change out the bobbin spool.

Even if you pull out a bobbin spool that still has a significant amount of 
thread on it to replace with a new spool, you could still use that smaller 
amount bobbin spool somewhere down the line on smaller designs.

Hope this helps,
Ed Orantes


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