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I don't believe you are going to add a new color palette.  I personally haven't 
heard of how one would do this even if you had the right type of file to use.

I suggest you either use another palette that is similar or choose the RGB 
system at the bottom of the list and create the color yourself that you would 
like to see on the screen.

Remember that an embroidery machine is color blind.  It only wants to know what 
# needle to sew with.  NOT what color to sew.  YOU will determine what spool of 
thread is on any particular needle.  Therefore, to have a precise color showing 
on the screen is just for feelgood measure.  If you're spending a great deal of 
time trying to set up a color on the screen, sometimes it's faster to just sew 
out a small design on some scrap fabric to show what that color will look like 
on the final product.

Just my quick thoughts on this subject.



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