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Hi Everyone! Has anyone else had this problem, my machine will not run 
properly. Everything will look fine, but as soon as it starts to sew the Acti 
Feed will jump up to 40 and stay there! I have tried to put it on Standard 
instead of Auto and then it still will not run. In the past I have had to shut 
down the machine and restart, figuring that it was a computer malfunction. 
Well, it started taking more than once to get it to run right. Now that will 
not work. It absolutely will not sew. It starts, but then the actifeed makes 
the stitching really loopy, because it is not working. As I said, if I take it 
off auto and put on standard-it then will take about 3 stitches and say there 
is a thread break when there isn't. That happens over and over again--it simply 
will not run. It is not the design because I have tried many designs and get 
the same result. Has anyone ever had this problem? Thanks for any replies.


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