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The Amaya XT machines have the needle case center on each needle by the use of 
an encoder on the color change motor that counts each step. This is one of the 
improvements made to the Amaya XT. The Color Change is calibrated on each 
machine as each one has minute differences in the distances between needles and 
tolerances of parts. There is a procedure that centers each and every needle. 
There are keys pressed that move the needle case left or right a small distance 
to do this calibration. The calibration procedure was moving the needle case 2 
steps instead of one in one version of the RSA files released for the machine 
in the version 7.00.055. This version of the file was only shipped to a very 
few before it was corrected, it was permanently corrected on the CD of the 
7.00.056 version. Unless there was a problem where re-calibration of the needle 
case was needed you would not be effected, and if re-calibration was needed in 
the 7.00.055 version, a new file was made available 
 that could be sent in an email or downloaded that corrected the double 
stepping. Even with the double stepping, the settings can made to work so most 
will never ever realize there is a problem.

 Jeff Banks


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