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Just a word to all budding graphic artists... 'eps' files are NOT 
universal...so don't think you can resave an art file in eps and everyone else 
can use it. It is an 'encapulated postscript' file...and still retains the 
'version' of the program it was created in. I get files every week for graphic 
work from self appointed 'graphic artists' that think that their version of 
Illustrator CS3 and now CS4 is the best and of course, they assume everyone 
else in the world automatically has it. Why should we? I have no need for it-I 
cannot even type a single word in illustrator. So they keep sending 'eps' files 
when we specifically tell them to send it in LEGACY illustrator 3 version. No 
eps, no jpg, no compression. I run all my graphics in Freehand 10,and it will 
not work with any illustrator file from CS1 up. Period. I had to buy CS3 just 
to open those files and resave the way I want them.
Corel files-no problem-I have CD's full of clip art, all Corel-and never a 
problem with it.
SO please, before you save/send clients artwork around-check and see what the 
person on the other end can use!


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