[IS-UPNC] FW: Oportunidad laboral: Web and Frontend developer

  • From: Alex Marin Mendez <amm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 26 May 2011 13:43:44 +0000

Traslado convocatoria que me llegó esta mañana.

Suerte en su postulación.


Web and Mobile Front End Developer

Interested in develop great products that have great impact on people's and 
business? If you are passionate, self-organized, fluent with communication, 
goal-oriented and very skilled, we would like to hear from you!

General requirements

  *   BSc or MS in Computer Science.
  *   Strong skills in programming (C, C++, Java, Ruby, Python). Hint: Public 
code (contribution to FLOSS projects) is a plus.
  *   Solid foundation in Computer Science, algorithms, data structures and 
software design. Hint: Programming contest or previous product development 
experience is a plus.
  *   Object Oriented paradigm.

Specific requirements

The position requires the following specific abilities and technical background:

  *   Background on Human Computer Interaction (HCI).
  *   Expertise of 2+ years in HTML (v4, v5) and CSS (v2, v3).
  *   Clear understanding of the DOM model for HTML specification.
  *   Expertise and strong 
 programming skills, not frameworks.
  *   Expertise with AJAX data exchange (JSON, SOAP, webservices).
  *   Ability to translate from product mockups to front end working prototypes.
  *   Understanding of Software Configuration Management process, specially 
version control.

We are not looking for: Graphic designers.

Position details

The position is full-time and could be remote-based, with a period at our 
office in Lima, Peru, if requested by the applicant.

The position reports to: Lead developer.

Compensation is competitive with the Internet industry standards and varies 
according with experience.


  1.  Development of product front end prototypes (web and mobile).
  2.  Interaction with backend developers.
  3.  Interaction with product manager.

Recruitment Process

The recruitment process will be as follows:

  *   Resume revision.
  *   Notification for phone interview to the selected applicants.
  *   Phone interview.
  *   Technical test - if applies.

Resumes should be sent to jobsAThtu.pe. Resumes should be no longer than 2 
pages. You are encouraged to describe any other non-technical skills or 
expertise you have developed over the years!

About HTU Networks

HTU Networks is an Internet Software company based in Lima - Peru. Our goal is 
to develop innovative and creative software products and services to help 
organizations and people become more efficient, productive and profitable.

If you would like to know more about careers, visit: http://htu.pe/jobs/career

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