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The PETA International Science Consortium Ltd and Chemical Watch to present
the final in a series of free webinars on alternatives to animal testing for
REACHAuthor: Amy J. Clippinger, PETA International Science Consortium Ltd. The
final PETA International Science Consortium Ltd/Chemical Watch webinar, "The
Regulatory Processes Involved in Acceptance of Non-Animal Tests," will be
presented by Derek Knight and Karin Kilian on 10 June 2015 at 10am Eastern
Daylight Time. Derek Knight (Senior Scientific Advisor, ECHA) will speak about
regulatory [.]Read More

Recent articles from ECHA explain approaches to minimize animal testing for
REACHAuthor: Sherry Ward, AltTox The February and April 2015 ECHA Newsletters
as well as other recent articles on the ECHA website include information that
could assist companies in minimizing animal testing for REACH reporting
requirements. In a November 2014 AltTox article
we had cited a statement from the October 2014 ECHA Newsletter that said
[.]Read More

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