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Roger, may I forward this?

>altroots Digest        Tue, 29 Jun 2004        Volume: 05  Issue: 131
>In This Issue:
>               [altroots] Fahrenheit 9/11
>Date: Tue, 29 Jun 2004 20:49:34 -0400
>Subject: [altroots] Fahrenheit 9/11
>From: Rodger French <deluxevaudeville@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>Fahrenheit 9/11
>By Rodger French
>June 28, 2004
>Michael Moore's latest film polemic "Fahrenheit 9/11" has turned out to be a
>really big hit. Thanks in no small part to all the excellent, totally free
>publicity generated by various idiots on the Radical Right (and no, they
>will never learn), the film has become a cultural phenomena. More
>importantly, it is actually a darn good piece of work; well researched, well
>crafted, and very entertaining. Most importantly, however, it is generating
>large piles of cash, thus guaranteeing even wider distribution.
>This is all very cool because, in my opinion, "Fahrenheit 9/11" needs to be
>seen. Is it biased? Rhetorical question. Does it take cheap shots? Of course
>it does, but not many. Is it intellectually dishonest? In at least one
>instance, arguably, yes. "Fahrenheit 9/11" has its flaws as does its
>creator, but that doesn't obviate the fact that the film is overwhelmingly a
>work of great emotion and truth.
>And the truth is that the Bush junta is a collection of well-connected,
>elitist, and arrogant liars. I had them pegged as such before they stole the
>2000 election and have followed their subsequent trail of mendacity, so I
>know quite a bit about the specifics Moore addressed in his documentary. But
>there is an even more prevalent and important theme in "Fahrenheit 9/11,"
>one that has been largely ignored in all the hoopla: America has a serious
>class problem, especially when it comes to waging war.
>This should come as news to exactly no one, but Moore makes the point that
>people from lower economic circumstances are more likely to sign up for
>military service than the children of the elite, or as Bush refers to them,
>"my base."  And in Iraq, these young - appallingly young - soldiers are
>taking lives and often getting killed, or horribly maimed, while corporate
>cronies of Dick Cheney and other war profiteers rake in the dough, which, by
>the way, comes from the pockets of American taxpayers. That's quite a scam;
>the working class is financing a war in which their children fight and die
>to make the ruling class even richer.
>An old story, to be sure, and one that mainstream American Pooh-Bahs and
>media hacks are wont to dismiss as "class warfare." Call it what you will;
>class is a fact of life in wartime America and Moore takes it on. The most
>compelling moments in "Fahrenheit 9/11" involve ordinary American soldiers
>and their families dealing with the fallout from the war, trying to cope
>with great personal tragedy in the face of overweening incompetence and
>greed. Michael Moore is willing to document the costs of war in a manner
>more explicit than our so-called leaders and their media collaborators would
>like. Like him or not, he's doing the country a service.
>Those of us on the Left should go see "Fahrenheit 9/11" for some seriously
>overdue validation. (Really, if Cheney can say, "go fuck yourself" on the
>Senate floor and not apologize, we're certainly entitled to a hearty "I told
>you so.") Folks on the Right should go see it so they'll know what the hell
>they're talking about. And as for those people of no particular political
>persuasion, I hope they'll go see it just because they can. Warts and all,
>"Fahrenheit 9/11" is a profoundly patriotic film.
>[Notes from "Fahrenheit 9/11": I truly wasn't all that disturbed by the
>scene of the titular President of the United States sitting dumbstruck in a
>Florida classroom on Sept. 11 after the second WTC tower was struck. Bush
>had the old "deer in the headlights" look about him, but at least it was an
>honest reaction. A bit eerie to be sure, but he looked genuinely shocked.
>Who wasn't.
>I was more outraged by that stunt of Bush posing and preening in his flight
>suit onboard the U.S.S. Abraham Lincoln. What an insult. I'm no hero, but at
>least I wore a uniform for four years and didn't go AWOL because I couldn't
>pass a drug test. The man is a fraud and a disgrace to the uniform.
>Finally, I was utterly appalled by the treatment of members of the U.S.
>House of Representatives Black Caucus at the hands of Al Gore and his fellow
>Senate Democrats in the wake of the 2000 election disaster. Absolutely
>Oh yes, one more thing. The ending of the film is perfect. Just perfect.]
>Your correspondent now has a weblog to which he will periodically post
>thoughtful essays and opinionated rants for your consideration.
>End of altroots Digest V5 #131

Laverne Zabielski
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