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by the ladies of the House of Topian, Kadir, son of Kreth; and Khaiell tr'Elhendil

Relaxing in the sitting room with a goblet of wine in her hand, Kala smiled sweetly at her guest. Her mother had long ago ushered her sister away under the claim that she wished to discuss the departure schedule with her. Kala suspected it was simply a way to give her some privacy, a limited commodity on a station that only provided a family with one cabin.

"Can I top up your glass, Kadir?" she asked, rising to her feet in one flowing movement, her dress rustling about her.

Kadir sat back with his goblet in hand, eying the contents. True he had certainly drunk more than he had in years yet he knew he was far from intoxicated. Not only was he too far self controlled for that, he also didn't care to not have his wits about him. "It has enough for now," he said, watching her over the top of the glass. "Your mother has very good taste in beverages."

"My mother is very particular about what she consumes," Kala chuckled. "Great-Uncle ShiVang used to tell me that he had to smuggle food to her when she served on his ship otherwise she wouldn't eat. She hated the gagh they served and the wine was too thin for her tastes." She moved to pour herself some more then sipped it, watching him carefully. "Are you comfortable? Is there anything I can get you?"

"You fret too much, Kala," he said simply. "Come sit with me and fill a man's ears with more tales of family. My own is regrettably small. I remember my father still, though he died gloriously when I was only ten. My uncle Parth was the one who saw me through to the Age of a Warrior."

She slipped down to sit closely next to him, her thigh touching his. "My own father died during the Dominion War. He was not a warrior and he was very old. When we believed Kaine had died, he couldn't live with the grief." She sighed softly as she took a sip of her wine. "SoS won a battle in his name and he sits in Sto'Vo'Kor. There is little else to tell. We're small and private."

Kadir nodded slowly. "Perhaps he was not a warrior as we recognize them but I have learned something. Warriors come in many forms. He was the sort who fought words, was he not? And for what he believed in?"

"He was a sharp witted man," Kala agreed. "And he loved us. He loved Kaine above us all but we knew that. Tren... my father's symbiont, had never had a male child before. He adored Kaine."

Kadir hmmped with some amusement. "I understand the notion completely. SoS will never admit that Karn was her favorite," he said with a smirk. "He was the youngest of us and it would embarrass him when the differences were made a little too obvious."

"And Tia is my Mother's favourite," Kala laughed softly. "I accept what I am, but my sister Selneth becomes jealous. I have my role and I love my parents. I simply accept what I cannot change. It doesn't mean SoS loves me less, it simply means the battle she fought for my youngest sister was hardest. She almost died trying to carry Tia to term so I can understand her need to cherish her. I cherish her too."

"Cherish who?" a bright voice came from the doorway. Tia grinned at the comfortable scene of her sister with the HoD. She felt a hand on her back and she tugged Khaiell inside.

"You, little one," Kala said simply. She was about to rise when Tia and Khaiell both waved her to stay.

"Hi, HoD!" Tia said cheerfully. "Khaiell walked me home so I invited him in for coffee."

And the sweet thing, Kala thought with a mental smirk, was that Tia truly did mean just that: a coffee. Then the poor man would go home and probably have to have a very long, cold shower. Poor Tia had no idea how she affected men around her. "Enarrain tr'Elhendil, this is HoD Kadir."

"Jolan'tru," Khaiell said simply as he offered the man a small bow.

Kadir stood slowly, not because he had to, but because anything faster would have shown that he was wary or cautious. Of course he was both of those things but why let the Romulan know? "Qapla," he said mildly enough. He couldn't be too hard toward him on principal. After all, the man seemingly had genuine interest in Kala's sister. He turned to Tia, offering her a fangless smile. While Kala was, in his eyes both beautiful and strong, he would have used a term he'd heard both the Xenexian and that Marine use: cute. "Little sister."

"You're marrying my sister, aren't you?" Tia asked cheerfully. "Oh it's so wonderful!"

Khaiell had to smile but he kept it toned down, knowing how sensitive Klingons could be. "I think my e'lev is a romantic at heart."

"A romantic and sweeter than a jumja stick," Kala laughed. She rose to put her arm around Kadir's waist.

"Klingons are the masters of romance," Kadir said with a chuckle. "Poetry, too."

"Which I've yet to hear," Kala pushed teasingly.

"Later," Kadir said with an amused glint in his eye. "Not all appreciate it."

"Certainly," Kala purred, her grin all for him.

Khaiell coughed lightly and moved to start on some coffee. "Perhaps I should just go, e'lev?"

"No!" Tia bounced up to him and put her arms around his neck. "Please don't. We can take the coffee to my room and drink it there."

His eyes almost popped out of his head and he actually groaned slightly. "Tia, fhaen, think about your offers before you make them."

"What?" she blinked, totally confused by his reaction. "Don't you want to have coffee with me?"

Kala was trying not to laugh as she leaned into Kadir. "My sister is completely naïve, she truly had no clue as to how she affects her boyfriend.. I believe SoS has yet to... explain things to her."

Kadir blinked. Just once at that. "Then kai the Romulan," he muttered. "He shows great honor and restraint."

"He loves her," Kala shrugged. "He's faced down SoS for her and they're to be married when Tia's more mature and SoS is willing to let her go."

"Of course I want to have coffee with you, e'lev," Khaiell sighed. "I just don't want to put you in a position of dishonour."

"And you would not want to malign your man's honor either, would you, little sister?" Kadir asked. Oh he understood the problem the poor Romulan had alright. The question was how to settle the matter with honor intact all around. Even Romulans had their own version of honor, as different as it was from his own ideas. "If he put you in a dishonorable light, then his own would be called into question. Your family would never allow him near you then."

"Why?" Tia asked, frowning deeply. "All I want is to have coffee with my boyfriend but give my sister some privacy."

"Then let him take you to the cafe on the Promenade," Kala offered with a shrug. "If SoS knew he'd been in your room without supervision, she could very well kill him."

"That's just dumb!" Tia huffed.

"Dumb but still the rules," Khaiell shrugged. "Perhaps the Promenade is a good idea though. Then I can buy you the chocolate dessert you're so fond of and no one will try to castrate me when we get you home."

"He speaks wisely, little one," Kadir said with a smile. "Just like the rules that have kept your SoS from being called warrior, some rules are outdated. Nevertheless, they still must be followed."

"I guess so," Tia sighed. She frowned until Khaiell put his arms around her and then she smiled sweetly up at him. "So I get chocolate pudding?"

"For surviving an evening with the Rinama, you most certainly do," her love said with a smirk. "Will you excuse us, HoD?"

Kadir offered the man a slight bow. "Of course," he said simply, his arm around Kala still.

"Then good evening to you both," the Romulan said formally, bowing to them both in return. He kissed Tia's cheek and led her away.

Kala smirked once her sister had left. "She's a complete innocent but she's aware of that, which is why she wants to wait before marrying him. The poor man has more patience than I could have."

"Is that so?" Kadir asked, his eyes sparkling with something that looked like humor. "Then perhaps she isn't so innocent in some ways. Wiser than we assume."

"Perhaps," she purred, placing her arms around his neck. "Tell me, Kadir, how much patience must I exhibit for you?"

The tips of his fangs bared themselves just then. "None," he growled appreciatively. "Restraint in a warrior, male or female, might have its place but between you and I there is no need."

"Come," she whispered in his ear.  "Read me your poetry, Kadir."

The fangs became more pronounced. "And what sort does the lady prefer?" he asked, his hands already caressing her sides as she pressed against him.

"Warm and full of love," she said just as softly. She leaned into his touch, the silk of her gown hiding none of his feeling. "Mate with me, Par'Mach'kai."

True, there was no need for restraint but things had to be done just so. His dark eyes never left hers. "My love is both a hunger and a giving, A need to have and also to bestow, A lavish lust for flesh and yet a yearning For beauty as austere as polished stone," he began.

Kala wondered if other women threw furniture because their men weren't as talented as her Kadir. His words were so beautiful they made her heart flutter. Taking his hands in hers, she led him out of the sitting room and into her own, small but comfortable bedroom.

His hearts were thudding loudly in his chest and ears. Her scent was not unlike the one of a purely Klingon woman but it was different enough to be intriguing, more so since he knew what lay behind that scent. He wracked his brain to make certain he would not forget the rest of the lines.

"Tell me more," she purred, her long, scribe's fingers moving to start to remove his uniform.

Yet there she was, very female Klingon in a less aggressive way. He found he liked that. Liked it very much. "I want more than my life your happiness, And yet my happiness depends on you. Like a child I linger in your shadow While like a parent I take you in my arms," he said with a slight growl.

His words moved her deeply but they aroused her as well. She tugged at a strap, released the front of his uniform and pulling his top over his head. She laid soft kisses across his chest, letting her nails scrap delicately at his back.

His blood was beginning to boil but he still had enough control. Skin bare, he leaned to take her ear lobe between his teeth tugging slightly. "You smell good, Kala, very good."

She captured his mouth with hers and kissed him deeply. "Take me to bed," she asked, baring her fangs as she stared into his eyes.

HE told himself all along that he hadn't lost any strength but he hadn't been foolish enough to truly prove it. Still, now was not the time to think about failure. With a swift bend, he swept her up into his arms. "More poetry?" he growled, the sound coming from deep within.

"You've wooed me thoroughly," she purred. "Perhaps more after... now, show me with actions instead of words: how much do you want me, Par'Mach'kai?"

He could have dropped her on the bed and simply bit her, enticing her with the scent of blood. Instead, he fell with her onto the bed, holding her to him tightly. The kiss her gave her was hard, no doubt hard enough to bruise if not bleed, but his hands, as the fingers worked at the dress she wore, were deliberately gentle. He had no doubt that she could feel how the rest of him wanted her but she came first. "I want you enough that I will obey your wish and command her," he murmured into her ear as he felt the red silk fall away.

"I want you," she told him seriously. "That is all I want. Nothing else, no more words or play, just you and I as one, as it is meant to be."

Kadir nodded then sat up slowly. Without a word, he stood to undress. He knew he did not look as he used to, or would look again one day, but that was as it was. A warrior ignored what was superficial. Unclothed, he stood before her and held out a hand. "Show me what I hunger for."

She rose gracefully to her feet and pulled at the ties holding her dress in place. It crumpled at her feet, revealing that she wore nothing beneath it. "Is this what hungers you so, Par'Mach'kai?"

"No, what lies beneath is what hungers me," he said slowly, his eyes clearly appreciative of what they were seeing. "That you are as beautiful outside as you are inside is a very enticing bonus."

"Then show me what you want," she asked softly.

His arm reached out to pull her closer and Kadir bent his head to nip softly at her jaw, trailing down to her shoulders. So close to her that way, it occurred to him that she truly did smell good, the scent of lust and something unique to her. So much better, he thought, than the stench of dishonorable death and fear. His hand reached to feel the fullness of one breast and it was all he could do to not pinch or bite.

"So tender," she whispered in awe. Somehow she'd always envisioned her first to be harder, harsher, not soft and sweet like Kadir. He was full blooded but he was so careful with how he touched her.

He hmmphed softly to himself. He'd said he would obey her wish and command and so he would. Who knew? It already seemed to fit in better with his new mindset. The hand moved down her body, appreciating the softness of her skin, the curve of her waist and backside.

Kissing a delicate line along his jaw, she played with his beard with one hand while the other reached round to return to playing up and down his spine. "You can be rougher if you want. I don't break."

"You are unique," Kadir murmured into her ear even as he told small bites at the lobe. "You deserve attention that is unique. Tell me what you want." His hand dip lower, snaking between her thighs to tickle upward.

"Touch me," she whispered in a long slow shudder. "Say the oaths, promise to be mine and never have another."

He slid two fingers just inside her, almost snarling at the feel and scent of her. Instead of simply tearing into her, he tickled albeit just a bit roughly. "I want to be the sun to fill your sky While like a rose I open to your smile. I want to be the air you breathe, your music, While like the sand I wait upon your sea," he said, staring into her eyes as he moved his fingers. "I am yours, woman, a warrior to guard your home and protect your children."

She shook lightly at the wonderful feelings he induced inside her. Panting softly, she leaned her head against his and offered up her wrist just as she lifted his free one to her mouth, her fangs bared. "I am yours, my Par'Mach'kai, for all time."

Slowly, he eased his fingers from her and bared is own fangs. The scent of her was intoxicating. "Then do as you said, mistress of our house. Bite and draw blood. I will still do as you wish but that seals it by tradition."

She bit down on his wrist, her eyes closed as her mouth was filled with his warm blood. In slow, careful tones, she recited the oaths in Klingonese that bonded her to him.

He gave a roar of sheer outright lust and joy. A true Klingon woman, even if she was a fusion. He bit her cheek, letting the flecks of blood drip onto his face and mustache as he spoke the corresponding words.

Her own roar matched his and she kissed him fervently, her fingers digging into his hair. She dragged him backwards until she felt her legs hit the bed and then she crawled up onto it, not once ending the kiss.

He fell onto her with a thud that almost took his breath away but he would not simply ravish her. It was not what was called for. Not now. With a rumble from deep within his chest, he began to slowly kiss and nip his way from her mouth to her neck then lower still to her breasts. They were beautiful ones in his opinion. He brushed the sensitive tips with his mustache.

She gasped in delight as she felt her nipple harden. She could feel him pressed up against her so she slid her hand down to run the tips of her fingers over his hard tip, flicking it lightly. She wanted to drive him as wild as he was driving her.

Kadir shuddered slightly at the touch, making a noise somewhere between a growl and a roar. Smirking slightly against the soft skin of her belly, he moved lower until his mouth found the warmth between her legs. He growled again, the scent of her nearly driving him insane but he kept his tenuous calm as his tongue touched every crevice and fold.

She'd had to let him go, he wasn't in her reach any more, but instead she clamped her hands down on her bedsheets. There was nothing she could do but react to his attention.

He didn't dare bite her but he nipped carefully, her taste going straight to his brain.

"Stop," she growled as she felt her body start to react, her legs shaking slightly. "I want you... I want to feel you."

He was beyond actually speaking by then but he rose up, sliding himself against her until he could look into her eyes. Fangs bared, he positioned himself just so. "Your wish is my command," he growled, thrusting into her with a roar.

Her back arched automatically even if the pain of the sudden thrust made her gasp. She grabbed the wrist she'd bitten and licked at it to make the blood flow again.

Pain was a part of life but that didn't me he would enjoy inflicting unnecessary pain on her. He kept his pace steady, as steady as the heady scent of blood allowed, and kissed her as he moved, fangs drawing a bit more blood.

She knew she'd be covered his blood and her own by the end of the night but she also knew she wanted them both to be thoroughly exhausted and happy. Her tongue dashed out to touch his lips and slide inside as her hands moved down his spine to stroke the tops of his thighs.

She was the first woman he'd been with since his liberation from the camp and long before that. He knew then and there that she would always be the only one. She fit too well. He reached to caress her breast as he kept his steady thrusts, his hands much more gentle.

"bangwI' SoH," she gasped. Leaning around, she took the lobe of his ear in her mouth and tickled it with her tongue. The man was a living contradiction: rough yet soft, hard yet gentle, strong yet vulnerable. She knew now that he was all she desired, no other man would do, none would even come close to her Kadir.

"qamuSHa'qu'," he said quite clearly as he looked into her eyes. "You are the only one." Just saying it increased his ardor. He rubbed at her nipples almost in time to his thrusts.

"As are you..." She threw her head back and arched even closer as she felt herself pulled unrelentingly toward her release.

Once, when he'd been stronger and like he would be again soon, he might have lasted longer, might have ended up with a broken clavicle. Now, though, he had a glorious woman who simply pulled him deeper and closer than he might have ever been. The roar was loud in his ears as he thrust harder into her, filling her sooner than he'd wanted to.

Kala's arms were shaking as she held him tightly though a laugh slowly bubbled up from her toes. "My Kadir!" she grinned, kissed his sweat covered cheek. "My Par'Mach'kai."

"We will have the proper ceremonies but you are my mate now and forever, Kala," he told her, resting his forehead on hers for a moment. "Our House is unshakeable."

"...and I had done nothing...but shoot an unarmed Cardassian in his 
underwear."-Li Nalas

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