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³Stoking the Flames²
Empet and Martok

The plan was simple. The Mat'leh was to intercept a vessel transporting
weapons to the Cardassian troops on the front. It would be heavily armed and
even more heavily defended by Cardassian and Jem'Hadar vessels alike. It was
an honourable battle for Yaran and Empet had accepted it with gladness.

"Do we have them within sensor range?" she barked.

The warrior on tactical grunted in response, "Yes, General. On screen now."

She had been right. There were two Galor class ships and two Dominion attack
ships plus the transport. It was intimidating but all she felt was her pulse
quicken with the thought of the kill.

"Arm disruptors and await my signal to decloak." They were going to tail
them until they reached the Pekassa system, where a cataclysmic binary
continuously spewed plasma back and forth between a white dwarf and its red
dwarf companion. It was here that she would initiate her attack, using the
high levels of magnetic and high energy particle interference to confuse the

"HIja', General," the tactical officer barked.

Reclining in her chair, Empet kept her eyes on the screen, drinking in the
shape of the enemy. Sun Tzu taught that "If you know the enemy and know
yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know
yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a
defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in
every battle." There had been times while reading that text when she
wondered if the ancient Earth strategist had really been a Klingon.

She had learned everything she could about her enemy. She had spent a long
time with Martok training, learning what he knew of the Jem'Hadar and their
fighting techniques. The Cardassians she knew intimately from the reports of
the Klingon war against them. She was, perhaps, a little unsure of her crew
but Martok would not have given her unseasoned warriors and her first
officer was Emat, a man she trusted with her life.

"General," came the deep baritone of her first officer, "we are picking up
an unusual signal from the lead Jem'Hadar ship."

"What kind of signal?"

"They appear to be sending out random sweeps of tachyon particles," he
replied, his brow furrowed.

"General!" a cry went up from the tactical officer, "they have locked onto
our position and are arming their weapons."

"What do you mean, locked on?" Empet snarled, rising to her feet and
glaring. "Decloak and fire!"

The moment they decloaked, one Dominion ship and one Cardassian moved to
intercept. Empet's eyes blazed as they fired on their enemy. One lucky shot
destroyed the Galor ship in seconds but the Dominion attack ship was not
going to be as simple.

A barrage of fire on their port side sent Empet to the floor but she rolled
and was back on her feet in time to see her tactical officer's console blow
up, sending the man across the bridge. She had the controls diverted to her
own station quickly and began a firing sequence she had once used on the
Romulans back when she was still a warrior.

The battle was furious. The Mat'leh took down the other Cardassian ship and
badly crippled the transport but the force of the Jem'Hadar attack was
violent and unrelenting.

"General, we have lost weapons," Emat shouted across the bridge.

"Ramming velocity!" she yelled. "Set course for the weapons transport. We
will not live through this but our deaths can give our people on the front
line the time to recoup." When she heard that her order had been carried
out, she let out a deep belly laugh. "Heghlu'meH QaQ jajvam!"

There was a roar from everyone on the bridge as the Mat'leh began its final
attack against the enemy. In a wild and euphoric voice, Empet began the
chants sending her beloved husband to Sto'Vo'Kor. Not long now, she thought,
and I will join you, my love.

³yo'aj.² The man behind him said again. Martok held up his hand. They were
watching the battle from his cloaked ship and his first officer kept asking
when they were going to get involved. He didn¹t want to get involved unless
he had too and even then only at the last minute. He didn¹t want to take
this away from Empet, nor did he want her harping on him about keeping an
eye on her, but after the stunt she¹d pulled during his wedding he felt he
had too. Finally after he¹d gotten the report that Empet¹s weapons were down
and she was going to ram the transport he gave the order to inter the mêlée.
³Decloak! Target the transport and fire!²
"General, a ship has decloaked off our port bow," Emat shouted.
 "What!?" Empet glared at her first officer. "I swear to Kahless, if it's
him...  On screen!" The image of the Ch'Tang appeared as it bore down on the
transport, firing all of its weapons.  The two Dominion ships were closing
in on it, their attention diverted away from the crippled bird of prey.
"Hail him!"
As soon as her image came up on the view screen Martok gave her a feral
grin. ³Glad to see you saved some for us, General.²
"This is for Yaran," she snarled. "Get out of the way!" She had her hands
bunched up into fists but as she felt a hand on her shoulder, she managed
not to swing for them.
 "Generals, if I may, surely this battle is still enough to bring him to
Sto'Vo'Kor," Emat suggested.
³It was a grand battle.² Martok replied. ³You have earned his place in
Sto¹Vo¹Kor, General.² One of the Dominion ships exploded under Mortak¹s
fire. ³Lets finish this and go back to celebrate.²
She nodded, slightly mollified.  "We are unarmed and our cloak is gone.  We
have minimal shields.  Let me beam to your ship and send my people back to
Deep Space Nine."
Martok nodded just as the second Dominion ship was destroyed, fallowed soon
by the transport. ³Stand by, General, and have your ship follow close.²
"We await your command," she said.  When the screen went dark, she nodded to
Emat. "You have the bridge, I will beam myself to the Ch'Tang."
 "Yes, General."
 She marched out, a euphoric sense of a battle hard fought and honourably
won pounding in her veins. Once in the transporter room, she set the
coordinates and beamed straight to the Ch'Tang.
As soon as Empet appeared on his bridge his men sent up a great roaring cry
of victory. Martok couldn¹t help but smile proudly as he pushed to his feet.
³The enemy will suffer dearly for the losses they took today.²
"Gre'thor is too good for them," Empet declared. "Kai Yaran Tren! Husband to
House Topian!" She embraced Martok fiercely then let out a roar of grief and
Martok let out the warning cry for the dead and his men soon followed. He
embraced Empet, a gesture he was not concerned with since they were all
sharing in her husband¹s arrival in Sto¹Vo¹Kor, but as soon as the moment
was over he turned to his first officer to hand over the bridge. ³Set a
course back for DS9.² He ordered before waving towards the door. ³Come
General and let us drink to your victory.²
Empet grinned ferociously, her hand slapping down on his shoulder. "Our
victory, General. All of our victory." She followed him out though and kept
close to him.
He took her without hesitation to his cabin. Once inside he retrieved the
special bottle of blood wine he¹d brought with him and the goblets she had
given him years ago when she had told him an officer should have proper
things and not just battered tankards. Handing her one of the goblets he
held back the need and desire to kiss her. ³maj-Kkah, Empet.²
She growled in appreciation as she took the goblets from him and poured him
his drink.  "Thank you for helping me today, Martok."  She held out the
glass, her eyes dancing.
He accepted it and then led her to the couch. ³Your not angry with me then?²
"Perhaps a little," she snorted as she relaxed down, spreading her arms out
across the back of the couch regally.  "But today is not my day to die."
³You have to much to do, Empet.² He told her as he sat back and allowed
himself to look at her. There was this radiance about her after battle that
he was finding hard to ignore. ³There is much work to do for the Empire, but
more importantly there¹s your girls.²
"Kala would look after them," Empet shrugged though she knew her death so
long after their father's would hurt Tia especially so much.  She took a
deep swig of her wine, using its bite to keep her rooted in the room with
Martok instead of the morbid mourning that she felt ready to consume her.
He gave her a moment before asking, ³Are you really ready to give over your
house so easily? And who would have been there for Kala? You¹re still very
much needed here among the living, Empet.²
"Topian is still mine," she sad as she looked into his eyes and smirked.
"Who else needs me, Martok?" she asked him as she shifted closer. "Who else
wants me?"
Without thinking he reached up and caressed her face. ³You know the answer
to that.²
"My blood is boiling," she growled. "You know what battle does to me..."
He growled through a smirk. ³I still have a scare on my shoulder from the
last time.²
Grinning wickedly, she bared her teeth and purred softly at the back of her
throat.  "What will you do about it?"
The only thing Sirella wanted from him was his House, which he was more then
willing to give her. So there was no regret, no second thoughts as he leaned
in and kissed Empet with passion and need.
Empet felt her blood like liquid steel in her veins as she grabbed a fistful
of his hair and lifted herself to straddle his waist.  She pushed her lips
harder against his, until her lips were tingling.
With her lips devouring his own Martok was never more aware of how much he¹d
missed her, how much he¹d longed for her, how much he loved her. Suddenly he
was a young man again full of the intoxication that came with love, his
hands making quick work of her uniform. ³Purr for me my wild tika cat.²
Taking one of his earlobes in her mouth, she bit down lightly, just drawing
blood with her fangs.  "Make me purr."
He didn¹t need any other encouragement. Picking her up with ease he carried
her into his bedroom and tossed her lightly on his bed. His single blue eye
locked with her passionate brown ones as he began to tear away his own
uniform. ³Kahless woman, I¹ve missed you down to my very bones.²
Her eyes traveled down the length of him, stopping just below his waist,
then lifted again to meet his blue eye.  "It looks more like other things
have missed me more," she laughed deeply.
The room filled with his thundering laugh as he climbed up her body,
hovering above her. ³Every part of me has missed you.² He told her before
kissing her deeply, roughly.
Her purr started deep in her throat as she lifted her hips to meet his.
"Prove it..."  Then she grabbed his hair and yanked him down to lie flat on
top of her.
³Still the demanding lady.² He laughed before bending his neck and tasting
the flesh of her neck. He balanced his weight and then slipped inside her
with ease. It was strange but he suddenly felt as if he were home. 

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