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³Ripples of Trouble.²
Empet, Martok, Selneth

Such a long and overly complex meeting for such a simple thing: a ceremony
for the returning warriors.  Those fusty old men made everything excessively
complicated and would never listen to a word she said.  "Sexist old fools,"
Empet snorted as she marched into her home, stripping off her ceremonial
cloak.  As she caught sight of the bite on her wrist, she had to smile.
Martok would be here in a few hours.
Selneth had never seen her mother so happy since their father died and it
intrigued her.  For a moment before SoS could see her, she watched the older
woman look at something on her wrist and it sparked a connection.
Chancellor Martok was coming this evening.  Empet had visited him last night
and now she sported a bite.  "SoS," she purred as she sauntered up out of
the shadows.  "Will the Chancellor be staying tonight?"
Empet blinked and nodded.  "Of course.  A man should not stumble home drunk
when he can stay in comfort. Why?"
"Oh, I was just wondering if he would like me to attend him again," she said
with a smirk before waltzing away.
"Attend him..."  The words hit her like she'd been slapped and Empet
actually took a step backward.  "What do you mean, daughter?"
Glancing over her shoulder, she smirked.  "I thought you'd heard the
rumours.  They're all true, you know.  The Chancellor certainly likes his
women.  I am just honoured that I can be one of them. Are you not proud of
me, SoS?"
Fury pumped through her veins but she kept it from her features. In a light
voice, she asked, "Proud that I raised a whore?  No, Selneth, pride is not
something I feel for you right at this moment. Get out of my sight before I
kill you myself."  Spinning around, she grabbed the bat'leth that hung from
her wall before storming out of the house again.
Another one of those Kahless forsaken camps. More Klingon Warriors left to
fight and die in those stinking holes. Klingon families all over the Empire
and beyond left behind to mourn sons they thought to be in Sto-Vo-Kor. The
whole thing made Martok roar in rage as he stormed through the palace. The
pahtks of that camp might be dead, but there were still creatures out there
who knew and he¹d like nothing better then to hunt each and every one of
them down like targs. Bursting into his chambers he barked at the boy
setting out the clothes he was to wear to Empet¹s, the boy fled, and Martok
flung himself into a chair. The only thing keeping him from doing something
stupid was the thought of his Par¹Mach. The woman had a calming effect on
him even when she wasn¹t in his presence, and at the moment the thought of
her was the only thing keeping his own memories at bay.
Silent as the night, Empet took the shortest and yet most concealed route to
the palace.  Having been born there and growing up there, she knew every
entrance and more. She knew this place better even than the Chancellor.
Each step she took closer felt like the air was being sucked out of her and
she prayed that, at the end of this night, he would release her from this
shell. Quiet as snow on the breeze, she slipped into his chamber, her
bat'leth leveled directly at him.  Its sharp point touched his neck.
 "I come for you," she growled coldly, "as I said I would."
Anger and surprise thundered in Martok¹s ears. Anger that he had let himself
be snuck up on, and surprise at the tone of Empet¹s voice more then the
coldness of a blade at his neck. Reaching up he put his hand on curve of the
blade. ³You could not wait for me to come to you, Par¹Mach?²
"Not for this," she snarled.  Stepping back, she gave him the space to
retrieve his own weapon. "My own daughter, Martok?"  Anger mixed with hurt
and more than a little disgust in her dark eyes.  "Were you so desperate for
seloh that you must take my own girl to your bed?  How many others?  When I
am done with you, I will purge them from this world and pray one of their
blades finds my own artery for there is no way I can live with this pain."
Martok jumped to his feet and instinct made his hand go to the hilt of the
blade at his waist. He started at her as if she were a neon pink targ with
bows in it¹s fur for several seconds before the look in her eyes sunk in.
³What in Gre'thor are you babbling about, woman!?²
"You take her to your bed," Empet growled, advancing slowly.  "She 'attends
to you'.  She asked if you were staying and if you would like her to attend
you again.  Why would she lie to me?  I am her mother.  Is that why you
wished to come?  So tired of an old woman that you must take her child to
please you?"
He had been called a lot of things in his life, including a coward, but what
she was applying was just too much. Slipping his blade from its sheath he
held it in case he needed to defend himself. It was never a good idea to
underestimate a mother who believes she is protecting her child. ³Empet, you
are the only woman I have taken to my bed since Sirella¹s death.²
"Prove it," she growled.  "Swear on your honour, on your House.  Swear on
your love for me."  Then the coldness that had taken root in her eyes melted
only slightly.  "Get your bat'leth, Martok.  Defend yourself."
³I will if I have to Empet, but I have done nothing to warrant this attack.²
The warrior replied in a strong, firm tone. He reminded on the defensive,
though he didn¹t want to fight her. ³I swear on my honor I have touched no
other woman.² 
She knew him to be an honourable man but she was still wary of simply
accepting his word.  "I am torn," she admitted softly, lowering her blade
and placing it carefully on his bed.  She moved to stand before him and then
dropped to her knees at his feet. "Forgive me, my Lord."
He wanted to know who had turned her against him with such lies, but her
well being meant more then his vengeance. Reaching down he buried his
fingers in her hair as he sheathed his blade. ³If it had not come from one
of your daughters would you have been so willing to think so dishonorably of
"Never," she whispered in grief and horror.  She remained at his feet, her
head bowed and waiting for the strike that must come.  It was his right to
avenge the dishonour she had thrown at him. Make it swift, she asked
Martok knew her girls and it pained him to think one of them would do
something so hateful towards their mother. Crouching down he took her by the
upper arms and pulled her to her feet. ³Which one, Empet?²
She shook her head.  She couldn't tell him, not when she knew what such
trickery would earn Selneth.  "Please... I have never begged before in my
life.  Let me deal with this. If you wish for vengeance, take it out on me.
If your need calls for a death, kill me."
³It is not my honor I wish to avenge.² Martok growled as he titled her head
up with his finger. ³I have been called worse and have heard what is said
about me by those who wish to replace me, but I will not allow you to be so
dishonored not even by your own child.²
Her eyes closed firmly and she had to stem the cold fear that seeped into
her bones.  "How can I allow it?" she whispered fearfully.  "She is my
daughter.  What she has become must be because of me.  She has had no other
role models other than her father and he was a good, honest man.  If there
is dishonour here, it is my own dealt upon myself for creating her."
³We can only guild them so far, Par¹Mach.² He told her as he reached out to
caress her face. ³Drex is his own man, his mistakes his own, his dishonor
his own, just as your children¹s honor or dishonor is their own.² It took
every ouch of will power he had not to storm to her home and demand the girl
show herself, but he managed to stay where he was despite the fire in his
"Your son has never tricked you into trying to murder your mate," she
whispered sadly as she opened her eyes and saw the fire in his. "My Tia's
pet Romulan has more honour than that... monster I created.  She snipes and
bitches at her sisters but I believed she was good inside.  What a fool am
He knew it would anger her but he said it anyway, ³Yarran spoiled Selneth,
and yet I doubt he would allow her to treat you and her sisters the way she
does.² Kissing her softly he moved across the room and began to put on the
set of clothes that had been laid out for him. ³Wrap your bat¹leth in my
cloak, woman.²
"I feel sick," she murmured as she started to shake, the result of all of
the anger she'd held and the poison she'd felt. "Forgive me, Par'Mach'kai. I
am a weak old woman."
Dropping his shirt onto the bed Martok walked over to her and held her
firmly by the upper arms. ³You are no such thing. You¹re a mother who¹s been
bitten by a sniping child and hurt badly from it.²
"I almost killed you," she said in devastation. "The gates of Sto'Vo'Kor
would have been closed to me.  Would you have forgiven me in death?"
³You would not have killed me, Empet.² He stated plainly and then left it at
that to return to getting dressed. ³Now wrap your bat¹leth so we can go.²
"Yes, my Lord," she said meekly.  It was perhaps the only time in her entire
life that she had felt so small and subservient.  Carefully, she wrapped her
blade and hid it beneath her cloak.  Her eyes were on the floor as she took
her place behind him.  "I am ready."
Martok stared at her and shook his head. ³Do I have to call you a teeka cat
again to get some fire back into your eyes? This is not who you are, Empet.
You¹re a noble woman, a general, the daughter of Chancellors, a mother with
a spoiled child. Are you simply going to hide behind me like a scared teeka
cat or will you be setting things in your House right again?²
"She wanted me to die," Empet whispered in deep horror.  "Or to kill you,
knowing that would kill me just as surely as your blade.  There is no fire
left in me, Martok.  My rage burned it away and I am left a shell. I prayed
to die because I could not live without you."  She finally lifted her eyes.
"I did not love Yaran like that.  I have no honour."
³You love Yaran the way you were meant to love him, as you love me the way
you are meant to love me.² That child was going to get hit like she¹d never
been hit before. ³We can not control who we love and how, we simple love and
if we are lucky we are loved in return.² He wrapped his arms around her and
held her tightly. 
"I truly cannot live without you now, Par'Mach'kai," Empet admitted as she
clung to him.  Her shaking was stilling and she could feel her power return
to her limbs. She clamped her hands into his hair and dug her nails into his
scalp.  "And I am still not a hissing feline to scratch at you when I am
angry.  I would have killed you.  You were lax in your concentration."  Oh
but it felt better to tease.
Grabbing a hand full of hair he tugged it to tilt her head back. ³A man
should be free to battle old demons in the privacy of his own rooms, yet
another matter I should take up with your brat. She will learn manners and
be a source of pride for her mother.²
She kissed him deeply, losing herself in it as if she could drown.
"Martok... what will you do to her?"
³I will not kill her, Par¹Mach.² He reassured.
"Oh I know that," she snorted, suddenly at ease again. "If you even tried,
you would have to kill me first and my eldest daughter."  She stared into
his eye then smiled as she kissed him again.  "Come, let us see the surprise
on her face when we arrive together."
The man nodded and then snorted. ³Shall we leave the normal way or are you
willing to show me your secret ways to my bed?²
"I will show you one," she said carefully, "if you would rather we were not
³I would have you seen at my side every moment of the day, my Par¹Mach. That
choice is up to you.² He kissed her softly and then waited to see which way
she would lead them.
Her eyes glanced at one of the hidden doors but she smirked as she pointed
them toward the main door.  "I think, today, I would like to be seen leaving
the intimate chambers of my mate."
Grabbing her arm Martok pulled her to him and kissed her hard. When he let
her go he smiled at her, his chest puffed with pride as he eye shone with
love. ³Again I say that one day you will be Mistress to the House of Martok,
and then your brat will really have a reason to pout.²
"Ha!" she barked.  "Does your missing eye see into the future, old man? How
can you predict the whims of a noble lady?"
³Because I¹m a stubborn old man who won¹t give up until he has his love by
his side where she belongs.² He kissed her hard again and led her out of his
rooms, and then out of the palace.
It truly was not far to her House but she enjoyed the trip as they met
several of the old councellors whose eyes seemed to fall out of their heads
when they watched the Chancellor walk so proudly next to Ambassador Empet.
As they swept into her home, Empet unwrapped her bat'leth and hung it on the
wall reverently.  "No blood today, old friend," she said as she patted it
fondly.  "SELNETH!" she roared once she stepped back.  "By Kahless, child,
if you are not here within two minutes, I will let the Chancellor slit your
Even the sound of her angry raised voice was as sweet as his favorite opera.
³Perhaps she is hiding under her bed like the spoiled child she is.²
Selneth sauntered out as if there was nothing to fear and gave both of them
such disdainful looks.  "nuqneh?" she asked haughtily.
Growling, Empet back-handed the girl and sent her flying to the floor.
"Never speak to the Chancellor like that again, girl."
Martok crossed his arms over his chest as he stared down at the girl. He
wondered what was going through her mind, what had made her do something so
spiteful towards her own mother. ³Get up and face your mother with whatever
scrap of honor you might have, child.²
Wiping the blood from her lip, Selneth climbed to her feet and grabbed her
mother's wrist, lifting it up to show the Chancellor.  "You called me a
whore," she snorted. "Barely four years in the ground, do you forget my
father so easily, SoS?"  Angry eyes settled on Martok and she bared her
teeth.  "You are no better than a carion feeder, waiting for the jackels to
have their share before you swept in to have your share."
Taking Empet¹s wrist from Selneth¹s grip he caressed the marks before
letting it go and then grabbing the girl by the front of her dress and
nearly lifting her off her feet. ³Your mother still mourns for a good man, a
good husband, and a good father. You will show them both respect and honor
or you¹ll be doing more then wiping blood from your lip.²
"Gre'Thor is too good for you, vulture," Selneth hissed.
Empet was actually stunned.  How could her daughter even think such things
let alone voice them?  "I should disown you for even speaking of me like
³That may be true,² Martok snorted and then bared his teeth as he pulled the
girl closer. ³But your mother is a good and honorable woman and you do
nothing but bring her dishonor.²
"What will you do, carion eater?" Selneth sneered. "Kill me?"
 Empet's eyes widened as she realised what her girl was doing.  "Why?  So
that your sisters will turn against me just as you have?  What did I do to
you, my daughter?"
 "You let him die!" she roared as she struggled against Martok.  "He should
be alive and you did nothing to save him! You never loved him.  You were
whoring this coward of a Chancellor the whole time!  I have long seen how
you've watched him.  Whore!"
The pain over the loss of her father was clear but Martok would not allow
her to speak to Empet that way. With his free hand he smacked her hard
across the face and then jerked her so their noses were nearly touching. ³If
you ever speak to her that way again I won¹t have to beat you, I will simply
make sure your sisters are well aware of what you have done. Your mother
owes you no explanation, nor do I, but I will not have you dishonoring her.²
He gave her a shake before going on. ³She loved your father and we were
never more then friends until well after his death.²
"Kill me!" Selneth roared.  Her hand went around her knife but before she
could unsheath it, she felt her mother's hand clamping down on hers.
 "Cowardly child," Empet growled.  "Get out.  Out of my sight and out of my
House.  Do not return until your tongue has learned civility.  You are cast
³I would advise you to grow up, Selneth.² Martok told the girl evenly before
making a point of dropping her on her rear end.
There was a flash of regret in Selneth's eyes but she wouldn't let either of
them see it.  She ran up the stairs and into her room, the door slamming
 Empet's grief was going to eat her alive, she knew it.  "Come, my love, let
us have that meal," she said as if the whole thing had had no affect on her
at all.  There were servants watching and she would be damned if she let
them see her break down.  She led him away from the open hallways and into
the private chambers that she held just for herself.  Even her children had
to knock to enter these.
Once they were safely away from prying eyes Martok locked the door to
Empet¹s chambers and then gathered her into his arms and held her close.
³She still grieves her father,  Par¹Mach. She is only a child and still
doesn¹t understand his death, but these are not excuses for how she treated
"Martok..."  She let herself be held for a moment before she stood back and
placed her hands on his cheeks.  "I need to tell you some truths.  There are
things I wish you to know."
Martok simply nodded then lead her to one of the over sized chairs before
walking over and pouring them each a goblet of blood wine. ³Tell me whatever
you need to Par¹Mach.²
"First you must know this."  She drew her knees up and wrapped her arms
around them in a positon of controled defensiveness.  "I have loved you for
over thirty five years now."
³Since we first met?² He asked with a smirk.
"From the very moment," she nodded.
Reaching out he took her hands in his own. ³I have loved you for as long as
I have known what love was. It was the thought of you that kept me alive on
so many occasions.²
She leaned forward, bringing her lips to the scar where his left eye had
once been.  Carefully, she kissed it with reverence.  "When I saw you after
Yaran died, it had been years since I'd spoken to you.  You looked so...
strong and I felt as if my world was tearing itself apart, a fact Sirella
had no problem pointing out to me."
Martok narrowed his eye as he looked at her. He held her hands a little more
firmly as he asked, ³What did she say to you?²
"The normal crowing," she snorted. "Oh you should have heard her when she
married you.  She knew I favoured you but could never tell you.  She could
never miss an opportunity to mention it whenever we met.  Then, after I'd
seen you that last time, she came to me.  She told me that I should stay
away, that I was not welcome in the House of Martok."  Empet snorted as she
drew herself taller in her seat.  "That fool.  She thought I would steal you
from her, as if I had no honour at all."
³You have always had more honor then she could have ever dreamed of having.²
He huffed. What had he ever seen in Sirella? Why hadn¹t he fought harder for
Empet? Things would have been so different if he had.
Empet actually cackled then.  "There are times when I do miss her though."
Her eyes gleamed with malevolence.  "When we both wanted you, the arguments
we had were like fine blood wine.  That woman had a tongue sharper than my
bat'leth."  Then she grinned evilly, her fangs bared.  "You must have seen
the scar that ran across her stomach when you laid with her."
A bushy brown eyebrow went up slowly as a smirk curled at his lips. ³She
wouldn¹t tell me how she¹d gotten it. You?²
Letting out a deep laugh, Empet shook her head.  "What honour is there in
admitting she lost the final battle to me?"  She held his eye for a long
time and finally sighed.  "I won you," she admitted.  "I conceded to her."
³You might have conceded a life with me to her, but you have always had my
heart.² He told her before kissing her deeply. ³Now is our time, Empet. You
make me stronger and that makes the Empire stronger.²
Her heart soared to hear his words, all of the last nagging worry
dissipating in the warmth she felt inside.  "How long?" she asked cheekily
as she tugged on his hair playfully.
³For always.² He replied before kissing her hard.
She growled as she yanked his head back, his eyes dancing as she bared her
fangs again.  "That," she said with a snort, "is no answer at all." Then she
pushed her lips against his as hard as she could, her fists clamping down in
his hair even tighter than before.
He lifted her with ease and placed her on his lap. His arms encircled her as
he kissed her. She felt right in so many ways, with her by his side he felt
as if he could defeat Kahless himself. ³That is the answer I gave you,
"Obscure old man," she huffed even as she snuggled down on his lap.
Kahless, woman, when have you ever snuggled anywhere?  "You're making me
soft.  All of this love and attention could turn a woman's head and make her
weak yet strong."
³You could never truly be weak my Par¹Mach.² Martok stroked her hair without
letting her go.  
She smiled as she stared across the room.  "When did you first love me,
Martok?" She peered up at him then returned to staring into nothing,
enjoying the feel of his hand in her hair.
³That day in the mess hall when you had that wet behind the ears lagh up
against the wall.² He laughed then kissed her hard. ³You were beautiful and
strong with the passion of a warrior in your eyes.²
For the barest moment she almost asked him to ask her to marry him but she
knew it was sentimentality so she ignored it.  "That was the day we met
first.  I was an officer and you were a labourer.  I can remember seeing you
in there after I asserted my positon.  I had never been on a ship as a
warrior before.  I was a scared girl who wished for her mother and knowing I
was not worthy enough to be there.  I fought with everyone who bared their
fangs at me but you didn't.  You watched me and treated me like an officer."
³You were an officer, Empet,² Leaving one arm around her he used his free
hand to trace the insignia she wore on her Council dress that marked her as
a general and an ambassador. ³Yes you were young, and yes you were
inexperienced, but even back then your mere presence demanded respect. The
others knew that, it¹s why they challenged you so much. If one of them had
been able to defeat you it would have boosted them ahead in their own
"None of them did," she said with deep pride.  "Do you remember the first
time we mated, Par'Mach'kai? Quick and inexperienced, half scared in case
someone found us and half thrilled by it.  Those snatched moments stayed
with me for a long time."
A bright smile lit his aging face. ³We do seem to thrive on stolen moments
don¹t we Par¹Mach? Your cabin on Shi¹Vang¹s ship, that small hut on Boreth,
the Chancellor¹s chambers in the palace, your private chambers in your
"We do," she said though a frown furrowed her brow. To hide the uncertainty
his statement had created inside her, she leaned down to grab her glass and
sipped it slowly.  "Have you eaten more than the morning meal today?  You
should eat, old man, I don't want you wasting away."
³I had lunch with Ta¹Rak, the old targ.² He grunted. ³I want to test the
waters before announcing my plan to revoke the chancellor law.² He continued
to play with her hair, marveling at how it felt like spun silk. ³I will have
to do more then simply revoke the no females if we are to put Kala in my
place when I am to old or dead.²
Empet became still in his arms, the goblet against her lips and her eyes
narrowed.  "How do you not know it was Kaine or Tia?" she asked softly.
"They are both worthy, are they not?  Admittedly, Tia's pet Romulan would
cause problems, but she is still strong enough to be Chancellor. Kaine more
so.  Now he is home and alive, he would make a powerful Chancellor."  It was
folly, she knew, that she feared his knowledge but if he knew, others could
work it out and they would murder Kala, her heir and beloved child, before
she could take what was hers by right.
³You would not have asked me to revoke the no females law if it were Kaine.²
He replied as his hand moved from her hair to her cheek. ³Tia would make a
fine official, but Kala is the oldest and the most like her mother. Out of
all your children, she would be my choice as my successor.²
Letting out a long sigh, she nodded.  "Help me keep her safe until she is
positioned to take up her seat," she asked.  "Be as her father, guide and
protect her.  She likes you.  She wants me to marry you."
³She¹s a smart girl, I knew I liked her for a reason.² He teased, though he
meant what he said. Kala was a strong, intelligent young woman who was a lot
like her mother. She was however still very young. ³You are my Par¹Mach and
your children shall be treated as my own, all of them, even the brat.² He
caressed her cheek again.
Empet snorted at him, poking his shoulder lightly.  "Don't spoil them.
Yaran and I have done that enough for their whole lives. They were hard
fought for, Tia especially."  Because of the Trill-Klingon DNA, Yaran and
Empet had had to seek medical intervention to even have children.  The first
three had been simple but there had been several miscarriages before Empet
managed to carry Tia to term.  "Caramia, I call her.  I know I baby her but
she is my hardest battle, the one thing I fought tooth and nail for every
³And she was well worth the battle, my Pat¹Marh.² Martok kissed her softly.
³She¹s a good child who brings honor to her House and her mother despite the
pet Romulan. You and Yaran were blessed with such a full house.²

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