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Empet and Martok

She had performed her duty.  It was hollow to watch as her uncle and only
ally took his own life, but she knew he was in Sto'Vo'Kor and waiting for
her with Yaran and her mother.  As she left ShiVang's home, Empet found
herself missing his council and his wisdom.  He had always called her rash
and unforgiving. She had hated Kor until the end. She hated Gowron.  She
hated the men who killed her mother.  If she was honest, she still hated the
Romulans for not just taking her father but for stealing her first son away
from her. So much hate, ShiVang used to say. Too much to carry on even the
strongest warrior's shoulders.
Her feet were carrying her wherever she let them as she let her mind drift.
There was one man she hated, the only one, that she regretted that anger.
She had wished she could forgive him.  For a long time, she'd tried.  When
she heard he had become Chancellor, she almost went to him, but instead she
did as she always did when she wished to remain hidden from Qo'noS: she'd
sent in reports and buried herself in all of her duties, going to every
little meeting, attending every function and having no time to deal with
personal things.
And yet here she was, back on Qo'noS.  She had no doubt Martok knew she'd
returned.  The Mat'leh had to report in whenever it entered orbit so she
suspected the Chancellor had been informed but she had avoided any contact
with anyone who could possibly tell her she had a meeting. Perhaps he was
avoiding her just as she avoided him.  Yet, as she returned her awareness to
her surroundings, she found herself outside the Palace.
It towered above her, a stark monolith against the fierce sky of her
homeworld.  It had been home to her but as she stared at it, she realised
that she hated it too.  It represented everything she'd lost, from parents
to lovers to children.  Those feet of hers wouldn't let her dally though and
she found she was led to the secret entrance she knew of, one of many, that
she suspected she was the last living person to be aware of.
True enough, when she tried her code, it worked and she was soon creeping
through back passages long buried under dust, unused since she was a child.
She let herself into the Chancellor's own rooms, dark eyes taking in the
decorations put in by the new occupant. She arranged herself on one of the
sofas and drank in his scent
As he walked down the halls of the palace his advisors and assistants
rattled on about this and that and everything in between. He was starting to
see how this job could make an unstable man insane. Luckily Martok knew that
this job wasn¹t one he could do alone which is why he¹d brought Worf with
him, as well as others. Though there was still one out there whom he¹d
wanted here but who was well out of his reach. Despite being surrounded by
people Martok had never felt so alone. Even Sirella had died and left him
alone despite her joy over being the Chancellor¹s wife.
When they reached the door to his rooms he stopped and held up a hand.
³Enough!² He bellowed. ³Leave me!²
His people scattered like ashes thrown to the wind and once he was alone he
sighed, his shoulders sagging a little. A meal, a bath, and sleep is all he
wanted now. Stepping into his rooms he started to peal away his uniform
without bothering to open his eye.
Still a stunning man, she observed.  Her eyes had risen when the door opened
and now she watched him in silent appreciation.  Empet imagined that he may
kill her for it but today was not her day, she knew that already.
It wasn¹t so much the sudden sound of breathing that wasn¹t his own in the
room that stopped Martok in his tracks. It was the scent, he knew that
scent, it was her scent. He stood there stone still debating wither to open
his eye to see if it were real or if he were really losing his mind. After a
few more seconds he finally opened his eye and looked up. He didn¹t know
weather to be relived, pleased, or angry. ³You¹ve stopped hiding from me.²
"I did not come for you," she told him simply, "but I found my way back to
you."  She remained where she was and let her eyes travel over his bare
chest then back to his blue eye.  "You lost a General today, Chancellor.
ShiVang is dead."
Klingons did not mourn their dead but he still felt a stab of pain. Shi¹Vang
had given him his career and offered him his support. He¹d been one of his
most trusted allies and he would be missed as such as a friend. He roared
the death cry before moving to sit in a chair near his visitor. He looked at
her for several long minutes before finally saying, ³He said you would.²
"He was wise," she observed.  "I..."  Now she was here, she found it hard to
voice what had so controlled her thoughts recently.  "I am not here to ask
forgiveness, Martok, nor will I bend my knee to you as Chancellor. Worf made
a good choice but I bow before no man."
³I would never ask you to do either.² He replied as he got his feet. He
walked over to his table and poured himself a drink. ³If you thought I would
then you don¹t know me as well as you¹d like to believe.²
She snorted though she made no move to join him.  "I know you well enough.
You are weakened now, Martok.  You lost not just a great military mind, but
a strong supporter in the Council.  Do you feel alone?"  She could feel her
hate rear its head and snarl at her.  Biting it back, she stared at him,
hard.  "Do you feel every light year between us? We may as well be quadrants
His hand gripped the wine bottle so hard it shattered in his hand. He looked
down at his bleeding hand, his back to her, and replied with a simple.
Rising gracefully to her feet in one movement, she took her knife and slid
it down the length of her hand, dark red blood springing forth from the
gash.  In three quick steps, she was at his side and she grabbed his
bleeding hand, forcing her blood and his to mingle.  "House Topian supports
House Martok," she said sharply then she roared, "Kai the Chancellor!"
He wasn¹t sure if it was her pledge to him or her touch, but years seemed to
melt away slowly as he looked up into her eyes. So many thoughts ran through
his head, but one, the one that was always the loudest, rang clear. He loved
this woman and his world was dark and cold without her in it. ³I¹m giving
your back your commission, Empet, and ShiVang¹s position. I want you at my
side along with Worf. Together we will make the Empire great again.²
Her heart soared with his words.  ShiVang had been his chief advisor and
what he offered was precious. "The waves you will make will rock the
Empire," she warned though her eyes told him that she had already accepted
his offer.
³Gowran made a mess of things.² He explained. ³It will take many harsh waves
to clean it all up.² He looked down at their clasped hands, their mixed
blood dripping and pooling on the floor. ³Together we¹ll return the Empire
to the glory it knew under your mother¹s rule, Empet.²
"Whatever House Topian can do, tell me," she said firmly. She entwined her
fingers with his, keeping the pressure to stem the bleeding and because she
wanted him closer.  "ShiVang named me heir of his House also.  His son is my
voice on the Council.  When I die, the House returns to his care."
Martok smirked enough to show fangs. ³Then we will be strong enough to do
what needs to be done.² Without thinking he reached out with his other hand
and pulled her roughly against him. ³We will make enemies but together we
still be victorious.²
She growled in warning when he grabbed her but made no move to pull away.
"Be careful what liberties you take, Chancellor Martok.  I may follow your
lead but I am not adverse to setting you on your backside when you overstep
your bounds."
He knew she was serious but he laughed anyway. ³Oh my dear General I¹m
counting on it.² He replied before kissing her hard.
The shock of the kiss made her gasp and half pull away but then she sank
into it.  "Too long," she mumbled against his lips.  She let his hand go and
pushed her still bleeding hand into his hair.  "Make me purr..."
How long he had waited to hear those words again. Martok growled deeply in
his chest as he lifted her up and carried her to his bed. Tossing her on the
bed he wasted no time in tearing away her uniform.
 "If you damage it, you pay for a new one," she teased as she simply laid
back and let him do what he wanted.  Her eyes drank him in as she was
stripped.  She'd missed him, in all of the hate and hurt, she'd missed her
love.  For love it was but she'd not admit to him.  Maybe one day, when they
were ready, but not now, not when she still had anger in her heart for him.
³You will be dressed in the armor of the palace.² He growled. ³My general,
my ambassador.² He stopped short of calling her his woman. Straddling her
waist he looked down into her eyes as he began to remove his own clothes.
Her hands took his from his clothes and she shook her head. "What kind of a
General would I be if I allowed my Chancellor to compromise himself?  Surely
I should scout every situation before he has a chance to fall prey to
His laughter roared through the room like lightening for the first time
since he¹d moved in. Holding his arms open he gave her a toothy snarl of a
grin. ³Do as you see fit General.²
She shifted to her knees and let her fingers start to slowly undress him.
Each piece of clothing she removed was inspected and folded and finally
placed on the floor. "Perhaps I should frisk you too," she laughed once he
was totally naked.  Her hands drifted down to settle on his buttocks.
Wrapping his arms around her Martok pulled her body to press as close to his
as he could get it. He drank in her warmth and her scent and for a moment
simply closed his eye and held her as if he were drawing strength from her.
³I have missed this warmth between us.²
"I..."  She sighed as she closed her eyes and smirked.  "I have missed you
though at times it would have pained me to admit it.  I have been miserable
in my exile, Martok."
He brushed at her long hair as he opened his eye to look into hers. ³You had
every right to walk away from me. I was a coward and a fool.²
"I walked away from my duty," she snorted.  "A fact ShiVang had no problem
pointing out to me whenever we spoke.  He has placed a restriction on me
now.  If I wish to be the head of his House, I must stay on Qo'noS and be at
your side.  He told me if I left you again then I would lose his House and
his support.  Chiron is my representative on the Council, I cannot lose
him."  Politics, she thought bitterly.  You have to hide behind power and
politics as your reason to be in his bed when all you should tell him is
that he is and always has been your only lord.
Again Martok laugh. ³He often called me a fool for allowing you to walk
away.² He laid her back again and hovered above her. He would keep her in
his life by any means necessary now, he would not lose her a fourth time.
³Never again.²
"Never?" she whispered, her voice catching just slightly.  "What will you
do, Chancellor, to keep me here?  Bind me to your bed?  Chain me to your
³If those things are what it takes to keep you where you belong woman then
I¹ll damn well do them.² He replied before taking her breast in his mouth. I
would even tell you the truth of my heart, he thought as his hands roamed
her body.
She gripped the bedsheets as she arched toward him.  "Don't stop..." she
gasped.  Her body reacted and there was nothing more she could do.  In a
deep growl, she admitted, "I want you."
He growled as he pushed deeply inside of her. ³You have me, as I have you,
Empet. Together no one will stand in our way.² As it should have always
been, and will now always be.

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