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Wow that was a great log!

On 5/28/09 5:26 PM, "Elizabeth Platt" <wizbit13uk@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> The Defence of Pek-ta V
> Note: This log takes place 32 years ago
> The klaxon sounded and it was deafening. Empet stared at the field medic whose
> table she was lying on. The news he had just given her dizzied her but she had
> no time to process it as she grabbed her disruptor and belted out to take up
> her post.
> A son... The young woman had to shake herself to make her mind focus on what
> she was doing. The doctor had told her she was pregnant after she'd collapsed
> on duty. She was having a son and she knew whose it was. The old man had asked
> her if she was mated or married but she hadn't answered him because right at
> that moment, the klaxon had declared that they were under attack.
> There was a sense of excitement and trepidation through the ranks of defenders
> as they waited for the Romulans or whatever force was coming. They wouldn't
> have long to wait.
> The fizz of transporters all around them and suddenly they were thrown in a
> flurry of fighting. Too close range to use her gun, Empet dropped it and drew
> her bat'leth. Her blood pumped violently in her ears as she swung it, feeling
> it connect with the neck of the Romulan in front of her. A spurt of green
> blood drenched her but she didn't even stop. Each swing brought down another
> man and she found herself gaining ground toward the centre for the foray.
> As she reached the higher ground at the centre of their outpost, she saw the
> commander and his first officer were dead as were most of the other officers.
> The Romulans were brutal in their attack. For a moment, she had the time and
> luxury to turn and assess the situation. The Klingons were scattered, forced
> into small, tight groups of fighting while the Romulans seemed to be massing
> for the final assault. Letting out a war cry, she gained the attention of
> every warrior close enough to hear her above the yelling. In quick, sharp
> actions, she split the group around her up into smaller units and indicated
> where they should go and what they should do. This done, she grabbed a
> disruptor rifle and headed for higher ground.
> Her first unit roared and charged the main group that were heading for the
> shield generator. Their attack was violent and they successfully distracted
> them. The second unit started to gather other Klingons together, getting
> bigger and then splitting off again to make other units that spread out over
> the outpost.
> She jumped to clamber up onto the roof of a building and leap from rooftop to
> rooftop until she had the Romulan commander in her sights. She kept low and
> stared around constantly to make sure no one had seen her. As she approached
> the nearest point, she dropped down to her stomach and took aim. The scope of
> her gun fixed firmly on her target and she squeezed the trigger. The Romulan
> exploded in a scream of red light but she kept firing, wanting to take down as
> many of their officers as they'd taken of theirs.
> "Fvadt Kll'inghann," she heard a deep, hard voice snarl behind her and she
> rolled to see a tall Romulan with black hair and dark eyes growl at her. He
> took aim with his disruptor but she brought the butt of her own up to dislodge
> his. In fast movements, he grabbed her rifle and yanked it from her grasp.
> Slamming it down hard in her abdomen, he swept it up as she doubled over and
> sent her flying from the roof.
> "tr'Hah'dee to Aehallh, mission abort!  We have lost the Commander and
> Sub-Commander, get us out of here!"
> Every Romulan disappeared in a blur of transporters. A wild roar went up from
> the remaining Klingons and the cry went up, "Kai Empet! Kai the saviour of
> Pek-ta V!"
> The world felt like it had been stuffed full of feathers as she slowly came
> around to white, clean walls and the smell of disinfectant. "Where..."
> "Shh," the doctor insisted as he held his hand to her shoulder to stop her
> from rising. "You're in the medic suite. Be calm, HoD Empet, you're going to
> be fine."
> "HoD?" she murmured then flinched when a stabbing pain tore at her stomach.
> Her hands went over it protectively. Her son... She glanced up into the eyes
> of the medic and saw the answer to her question without even needing to ask
> it. The blow from the Romulan had done more damage to the foetus than to her.
> "Is he..."
> "There was nothing I could do, HoD," the man said sadly.  "I tried my best, I
> swear to you."
> She dropped her hand onto his arm as firmly as she could manage even though
> she felt strangled. "I know you did." Then she met his eyes again, dropped her
> head back and let out a wailing, piercing death cry. Hear this, all hosts of
> Sto'Vo'Kor, open thy gates to Karthan, son of Martok, child of the House of
> Topian!

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