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³Friends and Lovers²
Empet and Martok 

The trip back to Qo'NoS had been uneventful if not tiresome and Empet was
certainly glad to be back in her rooms once more.  She was allowing herself
a short sabbatical before returning to Earth to resume her duties as
Ambassador to the Federation Council. First thing in the morning she would
have to address the High Council and Chancellor Martok but tonight she could
relax in the company of a good, close friend.
 Dressed in only a simple cloak and dress made of wool, she wound her way
through the capital, choosing all of the back routes that a lifetime of
being a diplomat had taught her.  As she arrived at the back entrance to the
Palace, she slipped inside using her personal code and took the back stairs
up to Martok's rooms.
Even a warrior had a limit on how much infighting and back biting he could
stomach for one night. Martok had ended the day¹s Council session early so
he could do something other then listen to the old loud mouths. After
hanging his bat¹leth on his chamber wall he slipped into his tub with the
best blood wine the homeworld had to offer. As he took a huge gulp he
wondered if perhaps it were time to make his presence felt off world. A few
weeks on his ship would help set him right again.
Taking all of the back passages, it only took her a few minutes to arrive at
her friend's chambers.  As close as they were, Empet didn't ever knock, so
she slipped into the bedroom and grinned when she heard the satisfied sigh
of a man relaxing.  Like a ghost over ice, she glided through to watch from
the door silently, appreciation in her dark eyes.  She wondered how long she
could stand there and not be seen but that was, perhaps, poor manners.
 "If I had been an assassin, jup, we would be searching for a new Chancellor
in the morning."
³If you would have been an assassin woman, you would not be standing there
taking in breath.² Martok grunted without hesitation. If it had been any
other he¹d have leapt from water and had a blade in his hand before the main
door had even finished opening, but there was a scent, a sense of presence
around this woman that was unmistakable.
Empet snorted as she came closer to perch on the side of his bath. "When I
succeed you as High Chancellor," she chuckled, " you will not hear me
coming." It was a long standing joke that she would come for him one day,
not that she had any intention of doing that. She had what she termed as
affection for the Chancellor.  They had known each other a long time.  Her
eyes swept down his form and she actually grinned, keeping her fangs hidden.
"At least you have not lost your definition while lazing in that chair.  It
is at least good to see you are not some slob of a politician."
His laugh was deep as it rumbled in his chest. He looked up at the woman who
was so at ease in his presence, an ease he was grateful for. To her above
all else he was simply Martok, and she to him simply Empet. He needed that
in the world in which they lived and ruled. ³It is the madness of sitting in
that chair that keeps me from becoming a fat drunk old man. My bat¹leth is
well used at the end of the day.²
"Speaking of drunk," she mused, her eyes now on his goblet, "are you just
going to lie there or do you intend offering your guest some blood wine."
She offered him a smirk as she added, "Because you surely cannot imagine I
will serve you.  The day that happens is the day you wear your wine instead
of drinking it."  There was a tightness in her chest whenever she thought of
Martok having to fight every day for his title but she always simply ignored
it as weak, Human softness.  If he were to fall, it would be in battle and
she would avenge him. He would join his wife and her husband in Sto'Vo'Kor.
³Of any other woman I would surely expect it.² The large Klingon mused as he
sat up, bringing himself closer to her. ³But of you I have learned to expect
the unexpected.² He grinned at her. She was a beautiful, strong, powerful
woman and yet so unlike the other women he knew, especially the she-beast
he¹d called wife. ³You know where the wine is kept woman. You¹ve never
waited on my manners to help yourself before.²
She reached out one hand to touch his cheek as she leaned in to give him a
bruising kiss then let him go just as quickly.  In one flowing movement, she
rose to her feet and swept over to where the bottle sat with one extra
glass.  Raising her eyebrows at him as she poured, she sniffed in amusement.
"Expecting company, lover?"
Rising out of the water with the kind of grace of movement one wouldn¹t
expect of a man of his size and age, Martok reached for his towel, which he
wrapped around himself. He smirked as he joined her in the other room. He
stood close enough to her that his presence would not be missed. ³As I said,
I have learned to expect the unexpected.²
At this distance, she could smell the scent that was unique to him and it
made her pulse skip.  Tilting her goblet, she reached her free hand to tug
at his towel. "How many keep you company, Chancellor?" she teased.  "How
many must I battle through to know you as I enjoy?"
The man simply crossed his massive arms and smirked. ³Many make the attempt,
but women for the most part are more trouble then they are worth.²
"HA!" Empet snorted.  In one swift tug, she pulled his towel away so she
could roam her eyes over him.  "If that is your official stance, perhaps I
should leave you to your bath, old man."
With battle honed reflexes the Klingon Chancellor reached out and grabbed
Empet by the wrist. With a forceful tug he pulled her to him then wrapped
his other arm around her waist. ³I simply state what I know to be true.² He
told her as his eyes met hers. ³You, woman, are hardly like any other.²
She let out a deep, appreciative purr as she molded herself to his shape.
"What am I worth?" she asked huskily, baring her fangs just slightly.
Rising her wrist to his mouth Martok kissed inside just under her palm.
³Whatever I can give freely.²
Her eyes closed as she relished the feel of his lips on her skin then she
rested her head on his shoulder.  "Martok..." she whispered with a little
worry. "What do you give me freely?"
³Whatever is in my power too.² Martok replied as he pulled her by the hair
in order to look into her eyes again. ³What do you wish for Empet?²
"I..."  There was a moment of indecision in her eyes as she met his.  How
did this man make her weak and yet strong? What did he inspire in her to
make her doubt her own convictions?  "What I wish for, I would never ask of
you, old friend.  There are things still too close, too raw."
He understood, it was why he had not asked her to marry him. She was the
only woman he considered to be his equal, the combining of their Houses
would make them even stronger, and above all else he cared for her, perhaps
it was even more. Bringing her face close to his own he captured her lips in
a rough kiss. 
In that movement, she dropped her goblet and clamped her hands in his hair.
She returned the kiss with abandon, forcing herself ever closer to him.  She
coveted this connection to him, it reminded her that life was not simply
about the mundane, it was about passion as well.
Martok let her go only long enough to peel away her dress and undergarments
before once again taking a fist full of her hair as his mouth sought out the
soft flesh where neck and shoulder met. He growled low in throat as he
guided her to his bed.
As the bed hit the back of her legs, she dragged his head back so she could
look into his eye.  "Presumptuous man," she teased as she set herself on his
bed and spread out regally.  "Come here and pleasure me!"  It was a demand,
one made from one equal to another.
There was no sense of dread, no feeling of being physically ill, not like
with his wife. When this woman beckoned to him his eyes flared with desire,
his heart pounded, and his soul roared. He glared at her with those flaming
eyes and barked out a laugh as he crawled up her body. ³If you were any
other woman I¹d slit your throat for daring to command me that way.²
"Would you ripe out my throat with your fangs, Martok?" she asked as her
hands found his hair and forced him to stay above her and not touch her.
"What a fight that would be!  You and I, a battle to the death."  Just the
thought of it made her want him more.
³Do you think you could win, woman?² He asked, his voice low almost
growling. With one hand supporting his weight, he used the other to caress
her face before wrapping it around her throat. Passion, desire, and so much
more buried hot in his eyes as he squeezed just a little before raking his
nails down her throat and across her breast.
For a moment, it was no game though she knew she was safe with him. It was
admitting a weakness but he would not hold it against her as she shook her
head.  "Against any other man, perhaps, but not you.  I would fight my
hardest but you would win and it would be an honourable death."
Grabbing her wrist Martok once again brought it to his mouth, only this time
he bared his fangs. They were friends, comrades, lovers, but his mouth
hovering over tender flesh was asking to be more.
"Do it," she growled, her eyes fixed firmly on his one.
Without any hesitation Martok put her wrist to his mouth and bit, drawing
blood, and then gave her his wrist. She was his now, his mate, and he was
hers. In a low, gravely voice he recited the oath that pledge him to her.
She took his wrist and drew blood herself.  It was metallic in her mouth
before she swallowed and she made her own pledge to him.  What was she
doing, she wondered.  She could never marry him, surely she couldn't.  She
loved Yaran still and yet this man, this warrior stirred in her something
that she had thought lost to her: passion.  It was Human fancy to think that
love was what was needed in a bonding and yet that was what she felt as she
stared up at him.
 "Martok," she murmured as their oaths ended.  "We must not speak of
³If that is what you wish, Empet.² Martok replied as he gazed down at her.
³But as my mate the Empire is laid at your feet.²
"Do you truly believe that is why I do this?" she asked, anger sparking her
eyes as her still bleeding hand grabbed his hair. "I am no power-hungry
whore to bond myself to the Chancellor simply to gain what should be mine by
right. I am Empet of the House of Topian, daughter of Azetbur, Chancellor of
the High Council and ruler of the Empire. I am a ruler bred of rulers. How
dare you..."
Her passion, even angry passion, made him hear thunder rumble in his own
chest. ³You know better of me, woman! Do not play the wounded teeka cat with
me! What I offer I offer with sincerity and would offer it to none other
then you.² 
"Nor am I a feline to hiss and scratch at you when I am angry."  Her dark
eyes blazed as she kissed him forcefully.  "Revoke the ruling that prevents
women being Chancellor," she demanded as she yanked hard on his hair to
remind him that she was just as strong as he was.
The demand caught him off guard but he did not show it. He growled at her
strength and then grinned, showing her his fangs, which still showed traces
of her blood. He placed himself directly over her intent on engaging her
body as well as her wit. ³And why would I do that my par'mach.²
"Do you respect my capacity to lead men into battle?" she asked as she
shifted beneath him, wrapping her legs around his waist and drawing him down
so he could enter her if he wished.
Leaning down he kissed her hard as he buried himself deeply inside her. ³You
are one of my greatest warriors.² He finally answered before returning his
attention to that spot on her neck.
"I could lead this Empire into an era of strength like it has never known
before," she groaned as she pushed her hips up to meet his. Yes, she was
beneath him and yes, it was a position of submission, but in all things, she
knew, she was his equal.  The sensations grew as he pleasured her, seering
away all thought.  "Martok..."
He had no doubt that she could do just that and perhaps in time he would
even tell her so. ³You wish to be Chancellor like your mother and
grandfather before you?² He asked before taking her breast into his mouth.
"Never..." she gasped, her body reacting to his attention.  "You are
Chancellor.  My lord..." In one moment of pure abandon, she whispered, "jIH
muSHa' SoH..." before she shook in her release.
The words, he knew were said with honesty, and it made his own release even
more intense. He remained inside her until they were both calmer and rolled
them so she was now on top. He gazed up into her eyes as he caressed her
face, ³If it were not for your mourning for Yarren, I would ask you to be
more then my mate.² He pressed his finger to her lips to stop her from
replying. ³Ask me again when it can not be said I was asked while bewitched
by you.²
She kissed his finger, sitting up so that she had free use of her hands.
Taking his wrist, she kissed where the blood still seeped just slightly and
licked it.  "I would never bewitch my lord.  He rules me in all things."
Martok smiled as he cupped her face. ³Ahh woman but you have bewitched me
and more. I would give you the quadrant if only you were to ask.²
She stared deep into his eye before she asked, "Revoke the ruling that
prevents women from becoming Chancellor?"
³It will anger those feeble old men from those feeble old Houses who sit on
the High Counsel.² He replied as he lifted her then slid her onto himself.
Then he smirked. ³I presume that if I do this you will tell me who my
successor shall be?²
"Only if you do this..."  She ran her fingers through his hair before
leaning down to lick a line up his ridges.  "I would not have you remove her
before her time.  That would be unfortunate for her and for you, my lord. I
would have to kill you."
Martok laughed as he wrapped his arms around her and held her tightly
against him. ³What¹s in this for me, Empet?² He wasn¹t a dumb man and he
knew her all to well. ³What will you do for me if I remove the law keeping
one of your girls from their birth right?²
It was a surprisingly hard wrench but she said what she thought he would
want her to.  "Marry you."
He looked at her for several moments as he traced her ridges before placing
a soft kiss where his fingers had just lingered. ³I would never ask that of
you, Empet. I would never ask of you what you could not give freely with
your heart and your honor. I will do this because you have asked it and for
no other reason.²
"I still love him, Martok," she admitted sadly. "What we do...  It was, at
first, to stem the loneliness. Now...  I admire you and respect you.  I am
proud to be your mate.  But he is my husband and will always be."
³He was a very lucky man.² Martok replied softly before kissing her.
"As Sirella was a lucky woman," Empet said just as softly. She glanced up
into his eye and smiled tightly.  "Perhaps I should have married you years
ago, Martok."
He laughed though his eyes showed some regret. ³You would have killed me in
my youth, I was not the man I am now.² He caressed her face then let his
hands move down her arms, over her breasts, and across her stomach. ³We are
as we are meant to be, Empet. I want more, but I am happy with what you have
allowed me to have.²
"Ask me again in a few years," she asked, her eyes serious as she took the
hand that touched her and kissed his fingers.  "I will always mourn him but
perhaps I will be ready to take another man into my house.  Empet of the
House of Martok does have a particular ring to it, does it not?" she teased.
³I could think of no one else I would want at my side.² He replied and then
smirked. ³Or in my bed.²

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