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³Finding His Place²
Empet, Martok, Worf

"What do you mean her commission has been reinstated?" the Chancellor
growled at the aide who was trying not to flinch and show weakness.
 "By General Martok," the aide said carefully. "He had her ship taken out of
dry dock, refitted and sent to Deep Space Nine, my Lord."
 Gowron had to force himself not to throttle the man on principle. "Tell me
the old hag has failed," he hissed. "Tell me she died and is in Gre'Thor
like she deserves."
"No, my lord, she was successful. With General Martok's help, she
successfully destroyed a weapon's transport from Cardassia."
The Chancellor let out a violent howl of rage. "Not only did she go against
the Council's order and ask for a ship, but she took precious resources from
the rest of the fighting to pursue her personal vendetta!" He slammed his
hand into his aide's nose, feeling a crunch as the bones smashed. "Get me
Martok on the comm! I want to see him NOW!"
One more time, Martok vowed as he rubbed his ridges. One more fight and Drex
was on his way back to his mother. He couldn¹t believe the boy had trashed
the tailor shop and beat the targ shit out of the damn Cardassian. What the
hell was he trying to prove? When his comm. sounded he groaned. All he
wanted to do was go to dinner with Empet, not deal with more stupidity.
³What?² He barked once the channel was open.
"You dare to use that tone with me, General?" Gowron sneered, his eyes
Martok blinked and shook his head. ³I didn¹t know it was you, Gowron. Be
glad your sons are grown and possess a full brain in which to think.² He
gave his old friend and leader a boyish smirk. ³What can I do for you today,
"Start by offering me the respect I deserve," the Chancellor snarled.  "Then
finish by giving me an explanation for why you took it upon yourself to
rescind an order given by the High Council themselves.  Have you grown so
arrogant that you would claim to speak for the Klingon people?  Do you
challenge me?"
Martok raised a brow in confusion. Gowron had been acting strangely but he
really hadn¹t taken notice until Worf and Empet had mentioned something at
dinner a few nights ago. He still however wasn¹t willing to believe that his
friend was growing insane. ³You are refereeing to General Empet.²
"Yes, I am referring to General Empet," Gowron declared, his eyes bulging
even more.  "Remove her from command before I come there myself to kill her
for going against my direct command.  She is a traitor, be glad I am not
having her executed for it."
Anger flared in Martok¹s eye. ³A traitor? What in Gre'Thor are you talking
"She was removed from military service," Gowron hissed. "She was raising
disquiet and causing riots.  I will not have another civil war!  Remove her
or kill her.  You have my order, Gowron out!"  The screen went blank.
Martok blinked again. He was confused and angry, his finger hovering over
the button to reconnect the call. He couldn¹t, he wouldn¹t take away her
commission. Yet, he knew that Gowron would follow through and have her
killed. With a roar of rage he got to his feet and started trashing
everything in sight.
"I am sorry I couldn't join you on your mission, General," Worf told her as
the two of them headed toward Martok's cabin. "I'm told it was a worthy
 She grinned, showing just a fraction of teeth.  "Yaran is with Judzia now,"
she nodded.
 "They await us," the young man said firmly.  As they drew nearer, it was
hard to ignore the crashing coming from his chosen brother's cabin.  His
brow furrowed, he pressed the chime.
He slammed his hand against the door release and then stalked over towards
the table were his blood and fire wines were kept wordlessly.
Worf blinked, his guard automatically up, for one never knew the reactions
of an angry Klingon.  "General?" he asked as he stepped inside.
 "Martok?" Empet called, her eyes taking in the disarray of the room.  "What
goes on?" 
³Gowron.² He growled.
Her eyes instantly narrowed and so did Worf's.  Both of them growled but it
was Empet who approached him.  "What did he do?" she snarled.
He couldn¹t look at her so he started down into his wine, his knuckles going
white from gripping the cup so hard. ³He¹s ordered your commission revoked.²
She wouldn't have been more shocked if he'd told her the Chancellor had
taken to wearing blue dresses, singing Over the Rainbow and had named his
targ To-To.  It felt like Martok had back-handed her and she couldn't
breathe for a moment. Her lip slowly turned up in a snarl and she growled as
she advanced on Martok.  Grabbing him by his arm, she span him to look at
her. "Look me in the eyes when you say that," she hissed.
Martok looked right into her enraged brown eyes. ³He¹s revoked your
commission and if I didn¹t tell you then he¹d have killed you.²
"Coward," she growled as she shoved him as hard as she could.  "I am a
warrior but you choose words over action.  You have shown you have no
respect for me or my rank."  Turning her back on him, she began to leave. "I
will have nothing more to do with you or your precious Chancellor."
³The man is insane.² Martok replied in a growl. He pushed past Work to get
to Empet. ³He would murder you in your bed! I can¹t, I won¹t, allow that to
"You will have to challenge him one day, Martok," she said as calmly as she
could, her body shaking with restrained violence. "One day, you will have to
stand for what you believe instead of hiding behind him like a cowering
pup."  She took a handful of his uniform and pulled him until he was nose to
nose with her. "Until that day, until the day when you have the spine to be
a man in my eyes again, leave me alone. Do not speak to me, do not speak of
me.  I am nothing to you. Less than a ghost.  Less than dead.  What you have
done...  I cannot forgive.  Not today."  Then she dropped him, span around
and marched away. 
Anger and hurt flashed in his single blue eye. ³EMPET! Damn you woman!²
Worf watched her walk straight backed away from them until she was hidden by
the curve of the station.  He stayed where he was, acutely aware that a
wrong move would throw a challenge between him and his brother.  "Martok,"
he said in his deep voice.  "Let her go."
Martok spun, his hand on his blade. He was sick and tired of letting her go.
³You don¹t know your place in this matter boy.²
Worf growled, his eyes blazing.  He was tired of this fight, tired of being
snapped at and tired of being put in his place.  "And you do not know when
to fight for yours.  You will have to challenge Gowron one day soon,
General. If you do not, I will." He marched stiffly out, his jaw clenching
as he stomped off.
Why did he have to surround himself with stubborn people who always had to
make good points? He could see it now, something would have to be done about
Gowron and done sooner rather then later. There was still a chance he¹d go
after Empet and that Martok wouldn¹t stand for. Stepping out into the hall
he called Worf¹s name and when the younger man turned to look at him he
simply nodded, knowing the other man would know what he meant. 

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