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³Burning Embers²
Empet and Martok

For the second time in her life, the great Ambassador and founder of the
House of Topian, wished she could cry.  She stared out at the stunning
capital city on ch'Rihan and it was all hollow to her.  The Trill had come
to claim the symbiont and she had scattered Yaran's ashes to the winds here
on ch'Rihan.  A Priestess of their elements had been there and had told her
that he would be remembered by the Winds.  For some reason, that gave Empet
some comfort.  Her daughters were supporting each other as if, if they let
each other, they would fall down.
Now she was alone and her thoughts were caught up with the last few moments
of her husband's life.  In her own arms, he'd died.  The physicians on
ch'Rihan had been unable to help, their knowledge of Trill physiology almost
nothing.  Empet had held him as his strong heart finally weakened and died.
It was not the death of a warrior, it was the death of an old man.  His
death was not honourable and it made her angry and sick.
She had heard, through the political grapevine, that General Martok had
permitted his chosen brother Worf to win a battle in his wife's name to
assure her place in Sto'Vo'Kor.  It had been many years since she'd even
seen him, thirty five since she'd held a conversation with him.  Could she
do this?  For Yaran, she knew she must.
Dropping into the chair at her desk on Romulus, she put through a call to
Deep Space 9 and hoped her old friend and lover would speak to her.
Martok sat in his cabin on DS9 looking over reports and trying not to growl
at the ones involving his son. Was Drex ever going to grow up and become a
man or would he remain a boy for the rest of his life. He sighed out a grunt
when his communicator beeped at him. ³What?²
³A call coming in for you from the Romulan homeworld, General.² Came the
That made Martok look up. Why would he be getting a called from Romulus?
³Ambassador Empet.²
Empet. The sound of her name still caused his heart to pound. ³Put it
Her face was drawn and pale yet there was still fire in her eyes as she
waited to be put through.  As his face came on the screen, she held back a
flinch at the scar that now dominated his face.  Where had the handsome blue
eyed man gone?  Where had her blue eyed lover disappeared to? "General
Martok," she said in greeting.  "How goes the war?"
Something was wrong, he could see it in her. ³It goes well, Ambassador. The
tides have turned now that we pose a stronger united front.²
"Qapla' to our forces," she said sharply. She should probably have asked
straight away but she felt the need to dally a little, to pause before
asking a man who had no reason to even speak with her for help.  "Send them
the thoughts of the House of Topian. We all fight for a quick win to this
Martok nodded before taking a moment to look at her. To anyone else she
would appear as General Empet, a seasoned warrior in the midst of the war as
they all were. He knew better. He knew her. ³I heard what happened to the
convey, Empet. Kanie has brought great honor to the House of Topian with his
The flinch was deep and she looked away for just a moment. "Enough," she
rasped. "Martok, old friend, I have to ask you for something, a favour I
cannot ask of any one else." She returned her eyes to his. "I want a ship,
It hurt to see her flinch. ³What¹s going on, Empet?²
"My husband is dead," she admitted hoarsely. "It was not a warrior's death.
He must go to Sto'Vo'Kor to be with his son, Martok.  I want them to await
me when I arrive.  Let me win a battle in his name, let me assure his place
among the honoured dead."
Yaran was dead? The news tore at him in a way he didn¹t expect, and he hoped
the emotional byplay wasn¹t evident in his eye. He understood her need to
send him to Sto¹Vo¹Kor and he knew what she was like in battle, yet he had
to fight the urge to protect her from this war. ³Yaran was a good man.²
"He was honourable," she said firmly. "Will you grant my request, General?"
She used his title because now it was one General asking another to be
placed back on active duty.  It had been almost ten years since she'd served
the Empire in any kind of military capacity so she could understand any
reticence he would have.
So many warriors had gone to Sto¹Vo¹Kor during this war. What would he do if
he lost her to it as well? She was his dearest friend and though he would
only admit it to himself, he still loved her. He had never stopped. That¹s
why he knew what he must do. ³Come to DS9. I will have the Mat'leh refitted
and brought here.²
Her heart soared.  "Thank you, General.  You honour an old wardog and her
husband.  I will be there as soon as I can hassle these ghuy' romuluSngan to
get me transport." 
³If they give you any trouble I will send someone for you.² He replied. The
idea of being near her, even if it is only in battle, gave him the boost he
needed to face their current reality. ³It will be good having you at my side
again, Empet.² 
She nodded but didn't reply to his statement. "I have much to do before I
leave, Empet out."  She ended the transmission with a long sigh and slumped
back in her seat. That had been the longest conversation she'd held with him
since he'd married Sirella and now she remembered why.  Just seeing him tore
her apart and turned her inside out.  She rose to her feet and began to
prepare to leave.
It hadn¹t really surprised him that Empet had been able to get transport to
the station. She was gifted at what she did and could talk a Vulcan out of
his logic if she wanted too. Standing on the bridge of her ship he made a
final expectation to make sure everything was ready.
"Everything has been checked, General," the deep tones of his chosen brother
said from behind him.  Worf observed the man with some caution.  He had been
on edge for quite some time and he would not be well pleased to have to have
words with him.  "The Ambassador's ship has arrived."
Martok didn¹t turn around, but continued to watch the expanse of space
through the view screen. ³We need our ships strong, Worf, and this one has
been out of battle service for some time.²
 "Chief O'Brien has been working on her repairs personally," Worf assured
him. "She will do the Empire and the Ambassador honour."  His dark eyes
shone with the fervour he always felt when he spoke of such things. "Would
you like me to greet her?  Captain Sisko has expressed an interest in
meeting with her before she goes into battle."
A very small part of him almost said yes before the larger whole called him
a coward for even thinking it. This would be the first time he¹d seen her
outside of his dreams since they¹d parted so long ago. ³No Worf, I will
greet her, but you are welcome to come along if you wish. If not, tell the
Captain I will inform the Ambassador of his request.²
"I will always be at your side, General, if that is where you want me to
be," Worf said simply.  He led them out of the ship and across to where a
Romulan warbird had docked.  "I must warn you, sir, that this ship also
carries two rather... unusual Romulan officials."  He said the word as if it
left a bad taste in his mouth and he glared out of principle.
Martok looked as if he were suddenly expecting a wild targ to charge.
³Kahless boy you¹d better not be talking about who I think you¹re talking
"Ambasadors Dara and Vedis S'Faest'Saeihr," Worf growled, his discomfort
growing.  "They also expressed a... desire... to meet with you and
Ambassador Empet."
³I¹m dead.² Martok replied in all seriousness. ³That is what you are to tell
them.² Nodding to the man by the hatch he watched as he relayed to the ship
that Empet could come aboard, and then he prayed she¹d be alone.
"Yes sir," Worf smirked.
 "Why didn't you simply tell him that you wished us to take you?" came the
trilling tones of a Romulan.
 Empet forced her face to remain calm as she marched out of the airlock.
"This is a private affair."
 "Well yes but have you seen that piece of junk he's giving you?"  Dara
shuddered, her arm laced around her sister's.
 "It's practically archaic," Vedis confirmed.  "Why I do believe we were
shooting models such as those out of the sky nearly fifty years ago."
As soon as he saw the two women with Empet Martok groaned. The very last
thing he wanted was to deal with them at a time like this. Worf was a
brother to him so it was different to share this moment with him, not that
the younger warrior realized he was sharing in a moment. To have to share it
with the most annoying creatures in the Alpha quadrant was damn near
sacrilege. Yet, when his remaining eye lock with those unforgettable brown
ones he couldn¹t keep the smile from his lips.
Empet refused to relax while those two mak'dar were with her but she did let
her relief at seeing him show in her eyes.  "General Martok," she said
regally, "Commander Worf.  Have you met the Romulan Ambassadors to the
 "We have not met," Worf said gruffly, his eyes widened slightly.
 Vedis looked up and down both the General and the Commander in deep
appreciation.  They were no Romulan, sure enough, but they were definitely
pleasant on the eyes.  "Perhaps you can show us around."
 "After we are done," Empet said quickly, her eyes now pleading with Martok.
Kahless, why can't I simply cut their throats as I would have done before
this war began?
Looking again at the young man by the hatch Martok ordered. ³Have the
Romulan Ambassadors seen to VIP quarters and inform Captain Sisko that they
and Ambassador Empet have arrived.² After the man nodded Martok looked at
Empet. ³Welcome to DS9, Ambassador. Come we have a lot to discus.²
"Aww," both sisters sighed as they were ushered away. "We will see you
later, General.  You too, Commander!"
 Once both women we out of sight, Empet actually sagged.  "Six days," she
groaned, "I have been tortured by their incessent yabbering for six solid
days.  They do not even stop to eat or draw breath.  They must even talk
while they sleep."  She glanced at Worf then back at Martok, wondering what
the man knew of their relationship and how relaxed she could be with her old
friend while he was around.
³And they say I was the tortured one.² Martok teased as he looked at her.
Was it possible that she¹d grown even more beautiful? ³It is good to see you
again, Empet.² He had to bite the inside of his cheek to keep from calling
her his teeka cat. ³It has been to long.²
"It has," she agreed.  What kind of a woman was she that it took this much
will power not to simply run to him and let him take away her pain.
 "Ambassador, General, I have duties to attend to unless you require
anything?" Worf said, seeing the tension between the two.  He knew Martok
had known the woman for a long time but that was all.  He suspected that
they wished to talk alone about her mission so he would leave them in peace.
Martok nodded. ³Of course, Worf. People need to be warned that those
creatures are on board. Perhaps we could all find a common hiding place.²
Worf nodded, a snort coming from him as he turned to leave. "Perhaps you
would both care to join me this evening.  I will be happy to share some
blood wine with you."
 "Thank you, Commander," Empet said sincerely, "I would be honoured.
 "Qapla'!" Worf replied before he marched away.
³He likes you.² Martok smirked as he indicated the way in which they were
heading. ³He never offers blood wine to people he doesn¹t like.²
"Then I truly am honoured," she chuckled.  As they walked, she kept shooting
glances up at him.  He was still handsome. It shocked her to realise it. She
had found the report on his imprisonment and loss of his eye and now that
she saw him in person, she could see how it added to his rugged appearance,
a badge of honour for the great warrior he was.
He didn¹t realize it but he was leading them towards his quarters. ³Word has
already gotten out of your return to active duty. You have your pick of
She blinked then actually turned her head to stare at him. "You're serious,"
she said, awed.  "I have not served the Empire as a General in ten years.
Why would they rally to my banner when others, more suitable, are calling
³Because you¹re a natural leader and an honored warrior.² He replied easily.
He stopped so he could turn to look at her. ³Don¹t sell yourself short,
Empet. What you have managed to do over the years? Your mother would be
proud. I am.²
She offered him a small, tight smile.  "I would be grateful if you could
council me on the best choices to make then, old friend."
He gave her a smile that had always been only hers. ³You have it, Empet.² He
had to force himself not to reach out and touch her. ³Do you want to see
your ship or would you like to recover from your trip first?²
"Let me rest in quiet for a while," she said ruefully. "It is good to hear
good honest Klingon voices for once rather than the piercing screech of
He nodded and then looked at his cabin door. ³You¹ve been given a cabin in
the VIP section, but so have they. I haven¹t had the midday meal yet, would
you care to join me?² He smirked at her as he added, ³I won¹t try to give
you ship food.²
Empet made a face as if she'd eaten something rotten. "Yuck.  The gagh
cannot have improved in ten years.  I would be pleased to join you."
He opened the door and led them inside. His cabin was simply done, but he¹d
at least tried to make it more Klingon. He offered her a seat on the couch
while he went to a small chest near his table.
Her stature was still held rigidly as she entered and stared around. The
second the door closed, she felt as if all the air had been squeezed out of
her.  She held herself like a coiled spring, taught and about to explode.
Closing her eyes, she let herself breathe but suddenly she found her nose
filled with his scent.
After retrieving a bottle of blood wine and a couple of the containers of
food he kept around, Martok turned just as Empet closed her eyes. Had he
ever seen her look so tired? He stood there for several long moments before
placing them on his table and walking over to her. He put his hand on her
shoulder but managed to keep from doing more. ³You look as tired as a new
born teeka cat, Empet, some and sit.²
"Please don't touch me," she said softly.  "I don't want to do something you
would regret."  There was a fine shaking over her body as she managed to
open her eyes and offer him a wry smile. "I doubt Sirella would kill me but
I am sure she would try."
His hand felt suddenly cold after he¹d removed it. ³She would lose.² He
replied honestly. Problem was, he wouldn?t regret it. If it hadn?t been
clear before, it had been made clear when he?d returned home after his
release from the camp to find his darling wife had replaced their single bed
with two separate beds. There was very little between them and he often
found himself wondering if there ever was anything to begin with.  ³Now sit
before you fall off your feet, woman.²
"I still have the stamina I had as a young woman," she chided gently but she
still managed to drop into a chair.  Letting out a low groan, she rubbed her
hand over her ridges, "But I have learned a little more wisdom since then
for conserving my energy."  She turned her dark eyes to him and held up her
hand for him to take. "Forgive me, Martok, but I will never dishonour your
House or my husband's memory."
He took her hand and then sat on the coffee table in front of her. ³I have
not asked you too. Am I not even allowed to comfort you now?²
She nodded mutely as she leaned forward and rested her forehead against his.
"Comfort me?" she asked gently.
³You are the strongest person male or female that I have ever known, Empet.²
He replied as he allowed himself a small moment of drinking in her
closeness. ³But you have suffered great losses. You have no doubt been there
for your daughters, but who has been there for you?²
"No one..."  It was said in empty sorrow and total fact.  "I am alone."  She
pressed her forehead tighter against his, feeling his ridges bite into hers,
forcing them tighter so that she could use the physical pain as a barrier
against the emotional one.
Martok sighed but it came out a soft growl. ³Why do you still insist on
pushing me away?²
She let his hands go and gripped the side of his face in a tight hold.
Quietly at first, she let out a keening that grew in volume until it was
akin to a death howl. "I am alone!" she screamed as if she could wrench
Kahless himself from his hall.
³No, woman!² Martok said firmly, his voice strong and commanding. ³You are
Wrapping her arms around him, she collapsed against his chest, panting
lightly.  "I am, Martok. My daughters have each other and you have Sirella.
I have no one.  There is no one left for me.  I wish to join him, I want to
stand by his side again.  I don't want this pain.  It hurts!  Death has
never hurt before."
³You never gave it a chance too.² He replied as he wrapped his arms around
her. ³You went right into training and service after your mother¹s death and
you were young when your father was killed. This will make you stronger,
"Klingons are not meant to feel this lost," she murmured as she held onto
him tightly.  She buried her face into the crook of his neck, his hair
curtaining her head and filling her nose with more of his scent.  "Show me
how to feel sure again," she asked.
He held her tightly and stroked her hair. It had been so long since he¹d
held her. He only wished that he was holding her under different
circumstances. ³Even Klingons are allowed to mourn, and I¹ll help you in
what ever ways I can. All you need do is ask me. All you¹ve ever had to do
is simply ask me.²
He was so close and comfortable, his scent so much like she remembered and
she hurt so badly that she couldn't stop herself.  Her lips found his and
she kissed him hard, burning against him.  In the second of connection, she
knew her daughters would be hurt but so was she.  She needed him.
Every night in that Dominion hell he had dreamed of this, of kissing and
holding her again, but not when she was so raw and exposed. Yet, he kissed
her back. He kissed her with emotion and strength as he rose to his feet,
bringing her to her feet along with him. He wrapped his arms around her as
if he could protect her by engulfing her in his embrace.
She could feel her blood pulsing through her veins and she knew she had to
stop unless she wanted to force him into something he would regret and yet
she kept her arms around him as she eased back, a silly smile on her face.
"I have missed you, my man," she told him as she pecked another kiss on his
lips. "I have to let you go, don't I?
³I will always be yours, Empet.² He told her honestly. ³But you are a woman
of honor.²
She kissed him softly one last time then let him go reluctantly to drop back
into her chair.  "Then accept my apologies for disappointing you, my
friend." She smirked up at him. "I cannot apologise for the kiss because I
feel no remorse in feeling you in my arms again but for slipping in my
honour, I do apologise."
He sat on the table before her again, and once again took her hands in his.
³You haven¹t slipped in anything, woman, and I don¹t want you to apologize
for anything. I have missed you my ferocious teeka cat.²
She drew those hands up to her lips and kissed them reverently. "Yaran would
be tutting at me," she chuckled.  "I know he wouldn't be angry.  He adored
me but he knew he was old."  Gently, she slid from the seat and knelt
between Martok's legs. "I wish for a little comfort, old friend.  I will not
put your House in dishonour nor your marriage at risk.  I am discreet."  Her
dark eyes held his as she kissed his fingers again and awaited his answer.
There wasn¹t even an internal battle over his answer. His marriage was
strictly one of social standing, his heart and soul belonged to Empet. ³Stay
with me tonight my teeka cat and let me take care of you.²
"Yes," she said with relief.  "We can work on the crew assignment."  She
rose up on her knees and kissed him softly.  "We can go to Worf and drink
with him when we are tired of paperwork.  And when we return, we can ease
each others' loneliness. When was the last time Sirella took you to her bed,
Martok?  When was the last time you had comfort?"
³It has been a long time.² He admitted. Not since his son had been
conceived, but that had been fine with him.
She frowned at him, sitting back to really look into his eye. "She
doesn't..." She blinked then started to laugh softly.  "The old ice queen,"
she snorted.  "It is no wonder the guards called her frigid."
He laughed fully as he caressed her cheek. ³Vulcans are warmer, but it
wouldn¹t have mattered. She isn¹t you, she never could have been, and she
knows this.²
"Poor Sirella, forever in my shadow," Empet snorted again.
³And what a shadow it is.² He smirked at her. The soft glimmer of light that
had returned to her eyes made his heart leap.
She rested her head against his chest, letting his scent surround her.  "We
have to move," she sighed.  "Though at least we know my Uncle won't find us.
The privalege of rank."
His mind flooded with memories and it made him laugh. ³I thought the chance
of getting caught is what made those early weeks that much more thrilling.²
"It was but the fire stayed long after the thrill had ebbed away," she
He nodded simply. ³You still thrill me my teeka cat.²
"Do I?" she murmured as she lifted her eyes to meet his.  "Now that I am
here, what do you want to do?  Describe it."
³I want to make my teeka cat purr. I want to keep her safe, and to show her
that she is still strong and far from being alone.² He replied as held her
close. ³I want to make up for so many lost years and for choices made both
good and bad.²
"Perhaps..."  She sighed softly as she let herself be held.  "I must honour
my husband first.  I must be sure he is with my son."
He lifted her head up with his finger and then kissed her ridges. ³You will
Empet. You will bring Yaran honor and sing him into Sto'Vo'Kor.²

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