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³Betrayal and Honor²
Wolf, K¹Narie, Selneth, N¹Ellie Coyne & Nathaniel Graison

As soon as her ship docked with the station K¹Narie headed for the side
where the Federation docked their ships. With Selneth walking along side her
she practically marched towards the Georgetown¹s airlock. They would start
they¹re hunt for support with her daughter. N¹Ellie had a prominent position
on a flag ship, there by making her useful to K¹Narie for once. The elder
Klingon woman had no intentions of stopping until she spotted a familiar
sight. Speaking low so only her young companion could hear her she said,
³Well, well, if it isn¹t the Martok¹s pet Kilngon.²
Selneth stared where K'Narie was looking and snorted.  Worf was conversing
with his little Trill woman and what appeared to be a Vulcan in Marine
dress.  "It would be quite a blow to Martok's regime for him to lose his
chosen brother," she mused.
³Yes, it would.² K¹Narie mused, her lips curling into a snarl. ³In all due
time my dear. First we must build our power, then we can began taking the
hearts of our enemies. Starting with that one.²
"The Georgetown, then?" Selneth asked, her eyes still on Worf as he seemed
to rise and bow to the two still seated.
K¹Narie nodded and once again began walking towards the airlocks. She¹d
heard about what happened with the commander of the ship and his little
admiral friend, she¹d also heard that the little admiral¹s family went back
to Earth. That was good news for K¹Narie, it meant the foul little human
woman wouldn¹t be around to influence N¹Ellie. ³Just think my dear. Soon we
will have all we ever wanted.²
For one fleeting moment, Selneth couldn't quite remember what she wanted but
then she remembered that foul pretender Martok touching her mother, making
her pregnant.  She glared and marched after K'Narie.
Worf turned after saying goodbye to Ezri.  He had promised to see her later,
perhaps he would join them for dinner. Despite his feelings for her being
purely friendship, he still cared about the sort of man she attached herself
to. Selyf seemed less flighty than Julian but Worf would have to be sure.
As he turned to leave in search of his Romulan, he caught sight of K'Narie
and the General's middle girl, Selneth.  With narrowed eyes, he stalked
after them, being sure not to be seen.
With as much regal grace as K¹Narie could muster to demanded access to the
ship once they¹d reached the air lock. The hairs on the back of her neck
told her that she needed to be leery and she was feeling uneasy, so she
really wanted to get aboard the ship. Unfortunately the ugly little human
had to run through all his silly little protocols. Turning away from the air
lock as she waited she looked around to see if she could find what was
making so ill at ease.
Worf paused but sneaking had never been one of his strong points, despite
various captains insisting he learn, so he marched forward and stared.
"Ambassador K'Narie, what are you doing here?"
³Commander Wolf.² She purred, bottling her annoyance in the pit of her
stomach. She should have known it was him. ³How good to see you.² She
continued, and then looked a little hurt over his tone. ³I¹m here to see my
daughter, of course. Haven¹t you heard the good news? My darling N¹Ellie has
blessed me with grandchildren. Twins,² She said smugly. ³a boy and a girl.²
"Congratulations," he said flatly.  "If you are here for her, why hasn't she
greeted you, Ambassador?  Surely she would know you were coming."  then he
stared at Selneth.  "And why bring her?"
K¹Narie narrowed her eyes at Worf. For a moment she¹d considered keeping him
for her own enjoyment, he was a rather strong male after all, but she was
quickly loosing all desire to keep him alive at all. ³She has just given
birth to two Klingon children, Wolf. She¹s still resting.² She looked at
Selneth who stood at her side as she continued. ³As for Selneth, she is a
member of my House now and is working as my aide. You should keep in mind
that a good ambassador never leaves without their personal aide.²
"You," Worf said to Selneth, "an aide?"
Selneth visibly bristled, growling and flashing her fangs.  "I, like my
sisters, have learned from our SoS.  It isn't only our brother who has
diplomatic potential, Worf."  She deliberately left off his title in
Worf growled back, advancing on the girl.  "You have no diplomacy at all,
girl.  Go back to our mother, beg for forgiveness.  That would be
K¹Narie quickly stepped in and bared her fangs. ³Empet heartlessly cast the
girl out.² She growled. ³I have taken her in. I am her mother now and if you
wish to return to your lord in one piece I would not move against her
A rather pale looking Star Fleet ensign cleared his throat behind them. ³You
may come aboard Ambassador, but you¹re visit will have to be short. We¹re
shipping out in a few hours.²
Worf snarled at K'Narie but didn't move to stop her.  "Go," he growled,
"play at motherhood."
She would enjoy watching his heart being ripped from his chest. ³Come along
Selneth.² She said before turning to board the ship. ³Do give my best to
your son, Worf, whenever you see him again.²
Sitting on the couch in her cabin N¹Ellie watched in amazement as her son
nursed happily. She could have never imagined the way her children made her
feel. It was like nothing she¹d ever felt before. It was so honest, so pure,
that at times it still brought tears to her eyes. When her door chime rang
she called out without thinking, ³Come.²
K¹Narie came into the cabin and all but bellowed her greeting. ³Hello
N¹Ellie blinked as her head snapped up. ³Mother?²
Nathaniel was curled around the small form of the little girl.  Both of
N'Ellie's children were just adorable and he loved them.  When the door
opened he instantly froze, smelling for just a moment N'Ellie's shock and
something else that he didn't recognise.
Selneth followed K'Narie in and stood to the side just inside the door.
N¹Ellie looked both shocked and confused as she looked at the two looming
Klingon women that now stood in her cabin, making it feel small and
uncomfortable. She quickly pulled her son from her breast, much to his
protests, and covered herself as she asked, ³What are you doing here?²
³I¹ve come to see my grandchildren.² K¹Narie said as she came closer to
N¹Ellie and the baby. She eyed the small human boy next to her with some
distaste. It wans¹t that he was human, she was half human after all, but
more the fact that he appeared to be rather weak looking. Brushing him off,
she reached out and stroked the baby¹s cheek with her finger. ³I¹m glad to
see they have ridges. What are their names?²
³Michael and Angelina.² N¹Ellie replied. She was very uncomfortable with her
own mother being around her children. How messed up was that? She thought to
Discomfort, Nathaniel realised with a frown.  His mistress was
uncomfortable.  And the woman, N'Ellie's mother, had dismissed him.  It
amused Nathaniel to no end that she had, as if he was nothing, just a weak
little baseline.  He looked to N'Ellie for guidance on what she wanted,
though he did move closer, keeping Angelina in the crook of his arm.
³Human names?² K¹Narie asked as she looked over at the girl. She looked a
little more Klingon then the boy, a little stronger, and that made her
smile. Empet wouldn¹t be the only one with a matrilineal House.
³What¹s wrong with human names?² N¹Ellie asked her mother as she got up. She
needed to be on level grown with the other woman. ³Grandmother was Human.²
³Human names won¹t do for the children of the future Minster of Health and
member of the High Council.² K¹Narie replied. She eyed the young man again
and asked. ³Who is that?²
N¹Ellie did not like the way her mother looked at her lover. She was finding
it hard not to snarl. ³He is my mate.² She said with pride. ³Nathaniel, take
the babies to the nursery.²
Nathaniel could have burst with pride at his mistress calling him her mate.
"Sure," he said softly.  Normally, he would have said Yes Mistress, but
there were strangers here, he wouldn't embarrass her.  He took Michael and
kissed the babies' heads.  "Come on, little kits, we'll read the Lion King."
Just as Nathaniel had Pack business she couldn¹t be involved in, it seemed
she had Klingon business he didn¹t need to know about. ³What the hell are
you talking about? Minster of Health? Council seat? For who?²
³For you my darling.² K¹Narie said with a smile. She motioned for Selneth to
come stand at her side. ³Once Selneth is on the Chancellor¹s throne where
she belongs, you¹ll have you¹re place within the Empire as well.²
N¹Ellie blinked. ³Are you both out of your ridged minds?²
Selneth narrowed her eyes but didn't snarl or growl, despite her growing
dislike for K'Narie's daughter.  "Are you aware of what is happening as we
speak on the homeworld?"
Much to her own embarrassment, N¹Ellie hadn¹t been keeping up with the
homeworld, not since all the crap on Georgetown started. ³The last I heard
Chancellor Martok was working on rebuilding the Empire after the war and
after Gowran, and doing a damn fine job of it.²
"He is driving the Empire into the dirt," Selneth growled.  She bunched her
hands into fists.  "And my whoring mother is helping him do it."
³The General is a hero of the Empire!² N¹Ellie growled. ³So is Martok!²
³They¹re fools!² K¹Narie said as she looked at her daughter carefully.
³Don¹t misplace your loyalty, N¹Ellie. With Selneth in power you¹ll have
everything you¹ve ever wanted! All you have to do is pledge you¹re loyalty
to her.² She held her hand out. ³Take you¹re place with us, N¹Ellie, the
Empire is laid at our feet just waiting.²
N¹Ellie looked at her mother for several seconds before shaking her head.
³This is what you¹ve always wanted, not me.² Then she looked at Selneth.
³She¹s just using you, you know that right?²
"At least she takes me seriously," Selneth told her, her eyes blazing with
pride.  "To her, I am a true daughter.  Your mother is a great woman."
³We have an Andorian counselor who¹s really great with Klingons. You might
want to see him, because you¹re delusional.² N¹Ellie replied. ³My mother¹s a
political whore. The only reason she¹s come up with putting you in power is
because she couldn¹t get herself into Martok¹s bed.²
³Worthless child!² K¹Narie bellowed and then backhanded N¹Ellie hard.
Nathaniel heard the slap, his advanced hearing picking up everything in the
other room.  He had settled the babies in their cots, so he stalked through.
His purple eyes shone as his power rippled around him.  "N'Ellie?"
N¹Ellie wiped blood off her lip with the back of her hand and then held it
up to stop Nathaniel. ³I¹m fine, Nathaniel. The Ambassador was just about to
³N¹Ellie!² K¹Narie warned.
³I am a Klingon!² N¹Ellie growled. ³I am loyal to the Empire and those who
are in power. I will not betray my Chancellor and lord for the sorry likes
of you two. Now get the hell off my ship!²
"You have no gratitude," Selneth spat.  "You should beg your mother for
this, plead with her."
"And you should leave," Nathaniel said, his voice going low and growling,
dropping over an octave.
N¹Ellie smirked, ³I¹d leave if I were you. He¹s really not very nice when
he¹s angry.² 
K¹Narie puffed up her chest as she growled. ³You¹ll regret this, child.²
³Is that a threat?² N¹Ellie asked. She didn¹t fear her mother on her own
behalf, but her children¹s.
³You have dishonored me and our House.² K¹Narie growled.
N¹Ellie shook her head. ³You the one bringing dishonor to our House. Now get
out before I call security.²
K¹Narie spit at N¹Ellie¹s feet. ³You are no child of mine and you surely are
not a Klingon.² 
The young woman watched as her mother left and then picked up a glass vase
from her end table and threw it across the room with a roar. She didn¹t care
one way or the other about her mother casting her out, it was the part about
not being Klingon that hurt.
The anger in the room rippled over him and Nathaniel had to breathe deep to
keep from reacting and changing form.  The two women were gone, but they
left fury in their wake.  "Mistress," he whispered.
³I never thought she¹d go so far.² N¹Ellie growled angrily. ³To actually try
and over throw Martok?² She growled low in her throat. ³She¹ll bring
dishonor to our House, she¹ll ruin it all for Mikey and Angie.² She sighed
when she saw her young lover looking at her. She waved him to her. ³It¹s
alright Nathaniel. Klingons, we tend to act like a pack at times and someone
is threatening my alpha.²
"We kill those who threaten the Alpha," Nathaniel snarled, his voice curling
with the promise of change.
³So do we.² N¹Ellie said with a sigh. When Nathaniel was close she ran her
fingers through his hair. It had become a calming gesture for her. There
really was only one thing N¹Ellie could do and she had no hesitation in
doing it, but it still hurt. She moved to her desk and started a long line
of codes that connect her to her grandfather on the homeworld, and through
him to the General.
Nathaniel curled up next to her.  Her presence calmed him.  He wouldn't
change yet, but he'd need to.
There was so much back-biting in the Council, it made Empet sick.  When her
comm bleeped, she grumbled and then blinked when the face of that evil bitch
K'Narie's daughter flashed onto the screen.  "N'Ellie.  I have not seen you
since you were a child.  What do you want?"
You really did have to love the fact that Klingons didn¹t bother with
niceties such as saying hello. ³My mother just left my home, Ambassador. She
attempted to get me to support her madness. She¹s planning to over throw the
Chancellor and she¹s using your daughter as her pawn.²
Empet spat in honour of K'Narie then glared at N'Ellie.  "She attempted?
You turned her down."  There was a sudden swell of pride in Empet's heart.
"Thank you, N'Ellie.  You will be remembered for this."
³I may be in Star Fleet, Ambassador, and I may be a fusion, but I am a
Klingon and I am loyal to the Chancellor.²  N¹Ellie replied. ³And I told my
mother as much.²
 "Then you are an honour to the Empire," Empet told her.  "When you wish to
come home, there is a place for you here."
Until this was all settled, she wouldn¹t be safe on the homeworld. ³Thank
you, Ambassador. I am at your service if I am needed.² She paused a moment
and then added, ³My mother doesn¹t care about anyone but her self.  Selneth
is in danger of being nothing more then fodder for her ambitions.²
"I know," Empet replied, more softly than she normally would have.  "I have
tried everything to get through to her.  She has so much hate for her family
now, death may be the only solution."
³Lets hope not, Ambassador.² N¹Ellie sighed. ³You actually love your
daughter, fight for that.²
"I will," Empet nodded.  "Fight hard, N'Ellie Coyne, and come home when you
are ready.  You will be welcome in the House of Topian.  Qapla!"
³Qapla!² N¹Ellie replied. When the screen went dark she reached for
Nathaniel. ³Things are going to be a little edgy for awhile my pet. I have
betrayed my mother to her enemies. She will try to kill me.²
"Let me stay with you and the babies until you're all safe," Nathaniel
offered as he knelt at her feet, leaning into her hand.
N¹Ellie thought about it as she stroked his face. He was so young, and she¹d
be putting him in danger, but he would protect her babies to the death if he
had too. ³Alright, but Nathaniel, you have to promise me something. If by
change my mother successes and I die, you have to take Michael and Angelina
to Empet. She¹ll protect them.²
"I will, I swear," Nathaniel nodded, holding her hand to his face.  "I will
protect them with my life.²
³I know you will, lover.² She smiled at him, baring her fangs. She felt the
pent up emotions boiling in her veins and she no longer felt the need to
hold back. She pulled him roughly to her and kissed him. ³You need to change
don¹t you?² 
"Yes..." He purred deep and loud.
N¹Ellie closed her eyes to reach out to the twins, brushing their tiny
thoughts to make sure they were alright. When she was sure they were she
rose to her feet and began pulling Nathaniel towards the bedroom. ³Please me
and you may shift and spend as long as you need as my beautiful panther.²
"Yes, Mistress."  Nathaniel grinned as he was pulled to the bed.
³No holding back, lover.² N¹Ellie growled. ³I¹m in no mood for games, not

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