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³A Time for Everything²
Empet, Martok, Tia 

Ta¹Rak was getting old and wouldn¹t be around much longer. His daughter, his
only child, would be taking over his House. One would have thought that the
woman would be all for the changes Martok was speaking of, but no, the
female Ha'DIBah was being difficult. As he paced and stomped around Empet¹s
parlor he couldn¹t figure out what up set him more. K¹Narie working against
him or seeing Empet¹s daughter standing near the Ha'DIBah.

Empet nodded to the captain of her flag ship.  "How long until you are close
enough for transport, HoD?"
 "Now, General," Emat said.  "I have already..." but he was cut short by a
wild squeal from the hallway of Empet's house.
 "Thank you, HoD," Empet snorted.  "Carry on."  She clicked off the comm and
rose gracefully.  "Caramia," she said warmly when Tia exploded into the
office.  "Welcome home."
 "SoS!" Tia beamed as she flung her arms and cuddled her mother carefully.
"Where's the new daddy?"
The squeal didn¹t make Martok jump but it did cause him to wrap his hand
around the hilt of his blade. He blinked once when the child bust into the
room, realizing that the noise had come from her. He wasn¹t use to being
around girl children, he was barely use to being around children at all. His
son had been young before he¹d been taken, and grown for the most part when
he¹d returned from the camp. Martok smirked as he watched the girl embrace
her mother, seeing the sweetness of Empet radiating from the girl, but when
she spoke he blinked again.
Empet laughed deeply as she embraced her daughter fiercely. "Caramia, meet
Martok, Chancellor and father of your brother."
Tia turned to see the man with one eye.  She'd seen him on the news feeds
plus she knew he'd made her mother happy since her father died but she'd
never met the man before. He looked wary but then she could understand that,
she was very bright whenever she met someone new. "Hi!" she grinned as she
let her mother go and dropped right into Martok's lap and put her arms
around his neck.  She placed a kiss on his cheek.  "Thank you for making her
happy again.  It's good to see her relaxed."
He sat to watch mother and daughter and was even more taken off guard when
the girl deposited herself in his lap. He looked at her for several seconds
before looking up at Empet, his bright eye asking ?Ah, what do I do?¹, while
he replied to the girl with a simple, ³She is who I am meant to love and
always has been.²
Empet was finding it hard not to burst into bright laughter at the sight of
her love so torn.  "Tia, are you quite comfortable?"
 "Sure!  He's comfy!"  Tia drew her knees up to her chin and snuggled down,
clearly with no intention of moving.  "So, when are you marrying my mother?"
There was something oddly comforting about the girl and Martok made no move
to dislodge her from her perch. He could remember his father telling him how
daughters were different from sons to their fathers, and wondering what he
would be like as a father to a girl when Sirella was pregnant but she was so
adamant that the child not be a girl that he¹d found himself hoping for the
child¹s sake that it was a boy. ³When she stops saying no.²
Tia turned to put her bright blue and now frowning eyes on her mother. "Why
do you keep turning him down, SoS?"
"Because it is not time," she said simply.
"Hmph."  Tia frowned even harder at her mother.  Then she smiled brightly at
Martok.  "Can I call you vav?"  She was 21 and it had been six years since
her father had died. She missed him deeply but she knew Martok would be an
honourable replacement.  From the look on Empet's face, she knew she'd
surprised her but she was happy.
It was clearly evident that the girl was now trying to shock him death, but
Martok didn¹t let his surprise show because he was also deeply touched.
After their encounters with Selneth he still feared that Empet¹s other
children would also turn on her. Her eldest and youngest daughters willing
acceptance of him honored him profoundly. He wrestled with his own thoughts
while looking to Empet for her reaction. He would do nothing that would
cause her or her other children pain.
Empet spread her hands.  "Your choice," she said with a smirk.
Peering over, Tia grinned at her mother.  "It's going to be nice to have a
daddy again.  He can approve of Khaeill the way Dad never quite did."
"That will take some doing, caramia," the older woman sniffed.  "A Klingon
father approving of a Romulan for his son in law."
³I have made a vow to Yaran to honor his family as my own.² He admired. It
had been something he¹d done after he and Empet had bonded, but he had never
known quite how to tell her. ³I have promised your mother to be as much a
father as you and you siblings will allow me to be. I would be honored
little cat if you so wish to honor me with such a title.² Then he smirked,
³Khaeill is the pet Romulan?²
"He isn't a pet!" Tia huffed though she did cuddle Martok tightly.  It felt
so right to be held by him.  He was strong and comfortable, just like a
father should be.  Her own had always been on the frail side and his
children had always been afraid to be rough with him.  She knew it would
never be like that with Martok. "I'm in love with him."
 "There is no doubt to that," Empet said.  "The doubt is whether the
Chancellor will accept him into his House or not."
Martok laughed that deep rumbling laugh of his as he put an arm around the
girl. ³Could be another wonderful why to piss off the Council.²
"Hey," Tia huffed, "I'm not a political toy. Don't use me to piss them off,
that's not fair."
³Oh but little cat it¹s so much fun.² Martok teased. She reminded him so
much of Empet when they were young. So sweet, yet equally just as fierce. It
was no wonder he?d fallen in love with her. ³To make all those old fools and
their self righteous Houses grow red and bloated in the face. Your mother
has a gift for it.²
Empet gave her mate a fond growl.  "They must grow out of their out moded
ideals of gender segregation."
 "My mother, the political hero," Tia teased, laying her head on Martok's
shoulder. "She was so proud when Kala decided she wanted to be a historian
of women in Klingon history and Kaine became a warrior."
³And of her youngest who looks after the well being of her House and her
mother.² Martok added.
"Well sure," Tia shrugged.  "But I'm a home-body, I don't want a powerful
career, I just want to make sure House Topian and my mother are taken care
of."  She smiled at Empet, "Starting with making her marry the man she loves
and who is the father of her baby."
 "I will marry Martok when I am ready, child," Empet said sharply.  "Don't
push this." 
A teasing smirk played at Martok¹s lips as he gently poking the girl
playfully. ³At least it wasn¹t another no.²
"Progress!" Tia crowed and was rewarded by a glare from her mother.
 "Thank you, both of you," she huffed.  "Now, are either of you intending on
Martok laughed. So this was what it was like to have a family, a real
family. Perhaps Worf was right. Perhaps he was worthy of such happiness
after all. ³Woman, it¹s never wise to fool with a man¹s appetite. If you
plan on feeding me then lets get on with it. I¹m not getting any younger,
only hungrier.² 
Empet barked out a laugh that only grew louder when Tia jumped to her feet.
 "Stay here, I want to cook for you both.  I know exactly what SoS wants and
I think I can make something suitable for the Chancellor."  She bounced out
without another word.
 "So," she asked softly as she perched next to him and lifted his hand to
lie it on her stomach, "how does it feel to have a small, annoying girl want
to be your daughter?"
³Strange,² He admitted as he put his other arm around her shoulders. ³I had
given up on this so long ago, Empet. To have a family, and to have one with
you. I still find it hard to believe I deserve any of this.²
"But you do, my lord Chancellor," she said as she slipped into his lap, like
Tia had but more intimate.  "Martok, she wishes to call you her father.
What should I tell her?"
³You are sure that it is alright with you?² He asked as he caressed her
cheek. ³I do not want to cause you more pain and heartache, Par¹Mach, not
like I have with Selneth.²
"My youngest may appear flighty but she has a good head on her shoulders,"
Empet told him, leaning into his hand.  "If she wishes you to be her father,
I welcome it gladly.  I love you, my Par'Mach'kai.  I want you to have what
should be rightfully yours."
He was torn between wishing he¹d had this all along, wishing that he¹d
fought for her rather then letting her go, but he also didn¹t want it to be
any other way. He wouldn¹t change who her children were or who his son was
and who their father and mother had been. No, this is how it was meant to
be. In this time, in this place, this is when their lives together was meant
to start. ³There¹s something special about the sound of a daughter¹s voice
saying vav.²
"She is your daughter now, Martok," Empet assured him. "I was not lying when
I asked you to watch over them.  We are mates and that is important."
Martok simply nodded. What they had, what they would have, was the most
important thing in his world. Leaning in he kissed her softly. ³Thank you my
Empet smirked as she snuggled down, a lot like her daughter had. "I can't
wait to see what you are like with our son.  He will be a strong son for the
House of Martok."
³He will be as strong and as wise as his mother.² Martok smiled as he began
to play with her hair. ³He will learn to be a great man from his siblings.²
"And a powerful warrior from his father," she said with a happy sigh.  "A
family, Par'Mach'kai.  And I will be your wife and serve your House as I
should have done."
His life would be different now and for the better, and it made Martok happy
which was something else he was getting use too. ³This is our time,

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