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³A Flicker of Who She Is.²
Jamie A. Uhura

*This log is set 30 years after Star Trek (new movie), roughly 100 years
before current Alpha time, and in an AU

The slender figure glided her way towards the table where a group of
uniformed cadets sat. She was tall and lean, but curvy in all the right
ways. She was muscular, firm, but still radiated feminine softness. Her long
dark hair was pulled up in a long ponytail that streamed down her back with
a swish as she walked. Her dark eyes sparkled as she smiled and added just a
little wiggle to her walk. She asked her small group what they wanted from
the bar and then headed that way to place their order. If anyone in the
place had been around thirty years ago they would have had a very strong
sense of déjà vu as they watched her reciting her table¹s order to the
bartenders. After all she was in the same dive in nowhere Iowa that her
mother had first run into the man who would later become her godfather, the
man she was named after.
³Let me give you a hand with those Jamie.² A young man with sandy blonde
hair said with a cute smile.
Jamie Uhura would have shrugged off the help if anyone else had bothered to
ask, but Pete was kind of like a lost puppy when it came to her and she
found it hard to brush him off. ³Thanks Petey.²
The cadets were in town because of the shipyards. The brand new
excelsior-class prototype was finally finished and she and the other cadets
were to be a skeleton crew onboard, taking it into orbit and up to McKinley
Station where Captain Sulu would being taking command. Jamie couldn¹t help
but smile at the thought of her uncle Hikaru. He had been just one of the
many Star Fleet officers she¹d grown up around. Both of her parents were
Star Fleet officers and both of them had served on the Enterprise. Her
father had even been acting captain in his youth, but he¹d served most of
his time as James Kirk¹s first officer. Commodore Spock was now the
commandant of the Academy. Her mother had been an Academy classmate of her
uncle Jim¹s and later served as his chief communications officer. Captain
Uhura now served as the head of the Star Fleet Diplomatic Corps. But both
her parents jumped at any chance they got to serve on the Enterprise or with
Kirk again. 
³Is this little pipsqueak bothering you sweetheart?²
Jamie turned to look at who¹d spoken to her. The big lug looked like an
escaped hairless ape. Somehow the girl managed not to shudder. ³No, but
you¹re breath is.² 
The big lug, who was wearing an Iowa State lettermen¹s jacket, leaned
forward a little more. ³You¹re cute. What¹s you¹re name sweetcheeks?²
³You¹re drunk.² Jamie pointed out in case the big lug might have missed the
obvious. ³Why don¹t you crawl off into a corner somewhere and black out.²
Jamie tended to be blunt. She liked to be straightforward, even logical, and
even though she didn¹t subscribe to the Vulcan disciplines when it came to
suppressing emotions she wasn¹t overly emotional, at least in public anyway.
But there was one sure fire way to set her off and as she watched the big
lug¹s hand moving towards the side of her face she and everyone in her group
knew the Vulcan sands were about to hit the fan.
³Oooo.. Pretty ears.² The big lug slurred as he reached out and flicked at
the point of Jamie¹s very Vulcan ears.
It was an affectionate gesture between her and her parents, especially her
father. Caressing her ears with his fingertip was Spock¹s way of telling
Jamie he loved her. There was no way in hell she was going to let some drunk
ass frat boy ruin that. ³No one touches my ears.² She told him. ³Back off
By now Jamie¹s whole table of cadets were gathering around her. ³You ok
³Fine Buzz.² She replied as she waited for the big lug to take a step back.
The big lug for his part just smiled sloppily. ³What are you some kinda
His first mistake was touching her ear at all. His second was pinching it.
The big lug didn¹t see Jamie¹s fist coming until it was connecting solidly
with his nose. ³Never touch a lady¹s ears without asking, asshat.²
³You little bitch!² The big lug bellowed while holding his nose, blood
oozing between his fingers.
Jamie had turned to walk away but the big lug put his other hand on her
shoulder and spun her around. The last thing she wanted was to get into a
bar fight. She was in uniform, a bar fight would make Academy cadets look
bad. Besides, her parents would be so disappointed if she were to get into
trouble during her first real assignment. Without hesitation Jamie reached
out and pressed the cluster of nerves located near the shoulder blade where
the shoulder and neck meet. The big lug went down like a sack of potatoes.
³What was that?² Petey asked as he looked down at the big lug with wide
Jamie smirked. ³Something my father taught me.² Dark eyes sparkled again as
Jamie lifted the tray of drinks and headed for their table. ³Who had the
Cardassian Sunrise?²

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