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  • From: "BJ Forster" <bjforster@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 10 Jun 2004 11:36:10 -0700

Hello Ian,

I attended the workshop you held at Champion Alpacas as well as listened to
you at the Fiber To Fashion Conference in Reno this year.

You and several other speakers really helped clarify what I want to do with
my alpacas.  I don't want to be an alpaca breeder selling breeding stock. 
I am interested in the fiber for my own use and other local crafters.  I
currently have 5 suri males, 2 pregnant  suri females and one gelded
huacaya.  When you were talking about Australia's fiber herds, you
mentioned that the fiber males were gelded at 6 weeks and kept for 5 to 6
years.  All of the vet books I have read, do not recommend gelding a male
until he is 18 months old.   What are the downsides to gelding so young?  

Of course, the other problem I am running into is that everyone wants to
charge more for the animal than the fiber is worth.  

I would appreciate any comments on starting a fiber herd.  Several of my
fellow crafters would like to  have good fiber animals without the
associated expense and problems of breeding females.  Again, they can't
afford the high prices that so many breeders want to charge.


BJ Forster

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