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News from the ALICE Collaboration | 23 July 2012 | Volume 3 Issue XII

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Interview with Urs Wiedemann<>  by 
Panos Charitos
Urs Wiedemann, CERN theoretical physicist, talks about the importance of the 
heavy - ion program at LHC, the study of QGP and what guides his personal 
research in the field...(<http://goog_561724159>read 

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A Message from the p-Pb Analysis Task 
Force<> by Cvetan Valeriev Cheskov 
and Alberica Toia

In order to cope with the forthcoming proton-lead run and to organize and steer 
the first analysis of the data, the ALICE management decided to create a 
special task force...(read more) <>

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Data Analysis in ALICE<> by 
Lukasz Kamil Graczykowski & Malgorzata Anna Janik

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The statement “Complex experiments, such as ALICE, generate huge amount of data 
that need to be processed and analyzed” cannot be characterized as revelatory. 
But, it can trigger an interesting question, namely “How does this processing 
and analysis work? (read 

Focus On: Stefania Bufalino<> 
by Panos Charitos

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Interviewing Stefania Bufalino, a fellow of INFN who has recently moved to CERN 
and learning everything about hypernuclei and her future research steps...(read 

The ALICE detector papercraft<> 
by Tiziano Virgili & Panos Charitos
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Tiziano Virgili has recently produced a papercraft of the ALICE detection 
system. As a very first approximation the ALICE detector can be simplified into 
several elementary geometrical volumes  ...(read 

First International Conference on New Frontiers in 
Physics<> by Yiota Foka, Sonja Kabana 
and Larisa Bravina

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The First International Conference on New Frontiers in Physics, ICFP2012, aimed 
to foster interdisciplinary cross-fertilization by bringing together scientists 
from diverse fields... (read more) <>

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