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News from the ALICE Collaboration | 18 May 2012 | Volume 3 Issue VIII

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ITS Upgrade Plans Animated in 3D


A 3D animation, illustrating design plans for the Inner Tracking System (ITS), 
was unveiled at the ALICE ITS Upgrade Meeting this week. Freelance animator 
Kajsa Christiansson worked with Luciano Musa, Petra Riedler and Stefan 
Rossegger of the ITS group to...


The Fabric of the Universe


Within soft, cottony folds of vibrant blues and a scattering of metallic sheen, 
the behaviour of subatomic particles has been stitched into place. This quilt, 
The Alice Adventure, depicts the ALICE detector in a patchwork of appliquéd 
fabrics surrounded by...

Gallery: Fabric Artwork of the LHC<>

ALICE Matters showcases the work of textile artist Kate Findlay, whose latest 
work features this week in 'The Fabric of the Universe'...

Focus on: Vasco Chibante Barroso<>

Vasco laughs sheepishly as he describes his first year at CERN. It was a year 
with the boys, living in the mountains above Geneva...




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