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News from the ALICE Collaboration | 20 January 2012 | Volume 3 Issue I

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Filmmaker Steve Elkins Visits ALICE for Next Feature


Steve Elkins is a poet. Not a Byron-esque, musing by the lakeside sort of poet 
but a filmmaker with vision...


Jet Lag & an ALICE Member


Bjorn Nilsen's jet lag finds some release: An anomaly was found by the Human 
Genome Project in the DNA of a recent volunteer...

Lennart Jirden Retires (Almost)<>

Officially Lennart has retired, and yet he is still here. “I like very much to 
work at CERN and...

Diego Perini Says Farewell<>

After some years making magnets I had the chance to take part in the design and 
integration of a...

Focus On: Corrado Gargiulo<>

This issue, ALICE Matters met with new ALICE project engineer Corrado 

A Few Words from the Spokesperson Paolo 

2011 was a fantastic year for ALICE. We were able to cope with unprecedented 
challenges and difficult conditions while...

2011-2012 Shutdown 

There is an uncanny resemblance to last year. No sooner had the ion run 
finished, at 6pm on the 7th December, than the party was in full swing at point 
2 (or so...

Physics Working Groups: why the 

In order to cope more effectively with physics analysis, Federico Antinori, 
chairperson of the physics board, explains the shake up...

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