ALICE Matters | 25 July 2011

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     News from the ALICE Collaboration | 25 July 2011 | Volume 2 Issue XIII
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ALICE’s Stefan Heckel wins Nuclear Physics A Young Scientist Award

The Nuclear Physics A Young Scientist Award has been awarded to ALICE member
Stefan Heckel for his talk “Event-by-event mean pT fluctuations in pp and
Pb-Pb collisions measured by the ALICE experiment at the LHC”.

The awards, which aim to recognise and promote the work of outstanding young
nuclear physicists, were presented at the Quark Matter conference in Annecy,
on 28 May this year...

CERN wins Challenge Interenterprises 2011 tournament

 A team from CERN’s table tennis club – which included an ALICE member - won
the final of the 2011 Challenge Interenterprises tournament in Meyrin on 25
June this year.

The competition, made up of teams from various organizations from the Geneva
and Vaud regions, took place across May and June in the various home clubs
of the participating teams…
News from the Run <>

July started out with a few days of machine development for the LHC,
followed by five days of scheduled technical stop; with the ALICE cavern
frequently being accessed allowing work on improvements for many of ALICE’s
Focus On:
Anders Knospe <>

This fortnight, ALICE Matters spoke with Anders Knospe, a STAR graduate from
the United States who is working full time at ALICE, as a post doc from the
University of Texas at Austin…
New ALICE T-shirts on sale<>

New ALICE t-shirts are available for purchase from the ALICE secretariat.
Coming in a range of sizes the navy blue t-shirts come decked with an ALICE
event, from the first lead-lead collision, displayed on the chest...
      Physics captivates at Royal Society exhibition

High energy physics was put into the spotlight earlier this month at
“Discovering Particles: Fundamental Building Blocks of the Universe”...
     2011 CERN Table Tennis Tournament

The 4th annual CERN table tennis tournament is being held in Meyrin on 20
August. The tournament, which will start at 1.30pm, is open to players of
all skill levels...
     Beams Department newsletter

CERN’s Beams Department has launched a new newsletter. The quarterly
publication – which features articles in both French and English - is
available for download in a .pdf format....
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