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This is a monthly automatic message, confirming that you are still subscribed 
to the G7IZU Meteor Activity Alert Service (HIGH ALERT). 

Happy New Year to 104 subscribers! Thankyou for subscribing to the worlds' ONLY 
meteor activity email alert service. If you know of anyone who would appreciate 
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The system has performed almost flawlessly during December. The GEMINIDS were 
the prominent shower of the month, peaking on Dec 13. The URSIDS made a much 
smaller peak in the early hours of Dec 22, but didn't register any alerts. 
Other radio meteor observers around Europe did see a defined peak between 03 
and 04h UT.

We're looking forward in a couple of days to that old faithful the Quadrantids, 
which have a very narrow peak of a couple hours in the daytime (in European) 
around 13h UT. The shower radiant is best placed for visual observers towards 
western America.

I've been supporting the Canoe Africa expedition to promote International 
Scouting and the International Year of Astronomy 2009. 

The expedition aimed to canoe the length of the River Niger. Unfortunately, 
after only 5 days and 50-60 miles on the water, a hippo launched an attack 
"like a submarine launched missile" on the canoe. Lucky to escape with their 
lives, the team are now safely back in the UK, planning how best to proceed. 
Brian Sheen is now talking about doing the rest of the expedition in stages, 
and wants to canoe the river a country at a time, probably starting with Mali 
in Feb 2009. A tie-up with Ray Meers is also a possiblity!

Keep up to date through my blog at: 


Peak dates/times/ZHR

2009-01-01 to 2008-01-05
Peak 2009-01-04 12h50 UT ZHR ~120 (var 60-200)
Radio peaks possible -18h and +9 to +12h from visual peak

No further big showers until April...

2009-04-16 to 2009-04-25
Peak 2009-04-22 ZHR 19 (var upto 90)

Visual predictions are from the IMO Meteor Shower Calendar.


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