G7IZU RRD NEWS (High Alert)

  • From: G7IZU ALERT <g7izu@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 01 Feb 2008 08:13:33 +0000

This is a monthly automatic message, confirming that you are still subscribed 
to the G7IZU Meteor Activity Alert Service (HIGH ALERT). 

Thankyou for subscribing to the worlds' ONLY meteor activity email alert 

The system has been behaving well during January, with no significant problems 
excepting the one listed below. Email alerts have been thin on the ground, due 
to the low meteor activity at this time of year.

The live sporadic-E maps are currently offline. I will hopefully have them back 
by April.

You may have noticed a minor change to the meteor activity indicators - if you 
watch them all the time...

For the past six months or so, the responsibility for setting the activity 
levels has been with the "third" instance of Spectrum Lab that I have running 
in the system. I have three instances of the program running at one time, to 
provide the three live display pages. The third instance is normally monitoring 
143 MHz, but the programming within it was also taking data ported from the 
"first" instance, which monitors 55 and 59 MHz, and originates the activity 
data. This was done when I thought that 143 MHz would provide the main activity 
data for the whole system, and 55/59 MHz would become the backup should 143 MHz 
fail. After a month of using 143 MHz last year, I realised that it was not a 
reliable data source, so I enabled the backup permanently (reverting to 55/59 
MHz data). 

In order to disconnect the programming links between the first and third 
instances of Spectrum Lab, the programming has now been changed back to the 
original configuration, and the "first" instance now has responsibility for 
setting the activity levels. 

The small change that you may see is that there is a subroutine in the "first" 
instance, which monitors how fast the meteor "ping" rate is changing. If, in a 
10 minute period, more pings on average are detected than in the previous 10 
minute period, the activity indicator shows "Meteor Activity INCREASING!!" for 
a few minutes. The indicator then reverts back to the activity level that it 
was showing before. 

Additionally, strong constant carriers longer than 15 minutes (such as those 
that appear with sporadic-E propagation) will be flagged with a blue indicator 
warning of constant carriers. In this case, reliable meteor counting is not 
possible. Data for the affected hour is automatically set to zero, so as not to 
corrupt it with erronious counts. The indicator in the "trend" display also 
changes to one with red/yellow stripes.

Archive data maybe be viewed in a couple of places. Hourly data is uploaded to 
RMOB, and displayed with other observers' data from around the world here: 
http://radio.data.free.fr/main.php3. This data is then made part of the monthly 
"RMOB Bulletin" which is emailed across the world to interested amateur and 
professional observers and organisations.

Text files with my hourly and 10 minute count data can also be accessed from my 
live.html page. The 10 minute data is raw and generally uncorrected, the hourly 
data is both automatically and manually corrected by the end of the month as 
much as possible. Only the current month is available here - if you'd like 
older data, please visit the RMOB site, or contact me. 


Peak dates/times/ZHR

=No major showers until April=

START UT        END UT           Dur.    
2008-01-01 00h  2008-01-01 15h   15 hrs
Software configuration error affected meteor counting (but data was recovered).

2008-01-11 03h  2008-01-11 20h   17 hrs
System down due to an unexpected shut-down (data lost).

High Alert issued at 0204 utc on 04 JAN 2008 (Quadrantids)

Very High Alert issued at 0804 utc on 04 JAN 2008 (Quadrantids)

High Alert issued at 1405 utc on 04 JAN 2008 (Quadrantids)

Very High Alert issued at 2204 utc on 05 JAN 2008 (FALSE ALERT)

High Alert issued at 1804 utc on 15 JAN 2008

High Alert issued at 0101 utc on 31 JAN 2008

High Alert issued at 0901 utc on 31 JAN 2008This message was sent on Fri at 
08:13utc. To remain subscribed, do nothing. To unsubscribe, goto 
http://www.tvcomm.co.uk/radio/alert_mailer.html. 73s Andy G7IZU. 

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