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  • Date: Wed, 25 Nov 2020 23:53:51 +1100

Hello folks. I miss you all!

I have a confession: I have been slack.

I should have been collecting annual AKA subscription fees for you all, back in July. This year, with no training, no venue, virus fears, many short of work or money, I let it slip by deliberately. But now, the time has come.

AKA annual subscription for jul 2020-jun 2021 should be: adults $90 / juniors $45. Given that we could not train from July until Xmas (probably), I would ask you to pay a discounted fee which will cover subscription for the first half of 2021, when I hope to be back to some sort of regular training at last. We may even be able to do something in Nov/Dec, with luck.

If you can afford this, it would be appreciated. If you can't but you would still like to train, please contact me and maybe we can work something out.


Glen Davison
M 0403 769685

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