[AUG] UPDATE and an Invitation

  • From: "Jan Behrens (Holdings CHC)" <jan@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 11 Oct 2009 13:47:22 +1300

Hi all,


Due to other commitments (I am a Dad now J), I have not been able to do
anything in terms of organising the AUG for some time now. This is
unlikely to get better for the foreseeable future. I therefore propose
to put the AUG in its current form to sleep and would encourage all
those interested in Agile to consider giving the new APN chapter
Christchurch a go. I have attached the first APN invite for those
interested. Hope to see you there!


Let me know what you think. 


Cheers, Jan



From: Christchurch APN Working Group [mailto:christchurch.apn@xxxxxxxxx]

Sent: Saturday, 10 October 2009 11:55 a.m.
To: Jan Behrens (Holdings CHC)
Subject: Invitation to the Launch of the Christchurch Agile
Professionals Network


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Christchurch Agile Professionals Network 
Inaugural Event Invitation

Oct, 2009 - Vol 1, Issue 1

In This Issue 

Why the APN and why now?

Christchurch APN Launch


Join Our Mailing List!

        Dear Jan, 


You are invited to join us at the inaugural Christchurch Agile
Professionals Launch.  
To celebrate this momentous occasion we have international Agile guru
Nancy van Schooenderwoert speaking. Nancy is the Principal Coach at
Lean-Agile Partners Inc and is a guest speaker at the 2009 PMI National
Conference (Christchurch). 

To celebrate this momentous occasion we have international Agile guru
Nancy van Schooenderwoert speaking. Nancy is the Principal Coach at
Lean-Agile Partners Inc and is a guest speaker at the 2009 PMI National
Conference (Christchurch). 

Everyone is welcome to attend this event. Please feel to forward this
email on to anyone you feel may be interested. 

Why the APN and why now?

Agile is rapidly becoming a mainstream approach for delivering high
business value. Interest in Agile has grown considerably in the last
couple of years and we believe there is now sufficient interest to
establish a Chch APN branch.

The Agile Professionals Network (APN) is non-profit, member-run
community of New Zealand professionals focused on exploring and
disseminating all facets of business agility in organisations in order
to help New Zealand businesses maximize their return on investments and
reduce overall time to market.

It is comprised of a group of New Zealand Agile practitioners committed
to supporting each other in their use of Agile techniques and assisting
businesses to experience ?business agility.?

The mission of the APN is to be the leading forum for promoting
appropriate use of, and increasing expertise in Agile techniques
(Project Management, Enterprise Architecture, Business Analysis,
Development, and Testing) throughout New Zealand.

The Christchurch APN has been established based upon the following:

*       Charter: http://www.agileprofessionals.net/APN-Charter.htm  

*       Audience focus for the Chch branch" "supporting practitioners in
implementing and carrying out agile"). 

*       Our main activity will be "networking, support and learning for
Agile practitioners bi-monthly".


Christchurch APN Launch 

pg?a=1102754459684> To celebrate this momentous occasion we have
international Agile guru Nancy van Schooenderwoert speaking. Nancy is
the Principal Coach at Lean-Agile Partners Inc and is a guest speaker at
the 2009 PMI National Conference (Christchurch). 

*       Nancy van Schooenderwoert - Seven Paradoxes of Agile Software
*       Date: Friday 16th October 4.30 to 6.30 pm; speaker starts at
*       Place:  Clarus, Level 1, LeftClick House, corner Lichfield and
Madras Streets, Christchurch. Map here
*       Who:   All welcome. 

The invitation may be sent on; however, to avoid disappointment, all
attendees should register by emailing christchurch.apn@xxxxxxxxx 5pm on
14th October. 

Nancy van Schooenderwoert - Principal Coach at Lean-Agile Partners Inc.
Seven Paradoxes of Agile Software Development

Agile software development has many very common-sense ideas in it, but
if it was all common-sense we'd have been using it long ago. Agile also
contains counter-intuitive ideas: paradoxes that make it hard for people
accept. For example, the notion that we go fast BECAUSE we take quality
to the max is paradoxical for people. They are used to having to trade
off speed and quality. On the other hand the idea that those who do the
work are best placed to estimate it is seen as perfectly sensible. How
can a coherent design emerge if design is done one iteration at a time?
Another paradox. But it's easy to accept that when you build a system
iteratively, you can learn more quickly from your experiences - that's
common sense. We'll explore the 5 other paradoxes, and you'll see how a
grasp of these helps you to take your agile practices to the next level.

About the speaker
Nancy holds a bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering from Rochester
Institute of Technology and is a regular contributor of articles and
advisories for the Cutter IT Journal. Nancy holds a Scrum Master
certification, has edited a column for the Agile Times, and served on
the IEEE 1648 committee to define a standard for customers of agile
teams. She has been a regular presenter at various Agile-related
conferences since 2003, and also at the Embedded Systems conference. Her
work in applying Agile methods to embedded systems has been referenced
by Jim Shore and Mary Poppendieck in their recent books. She speaks at
numerous software professional gatherings, and is currently active on
the board of Agile Bazaar, Boston's agile professional community hub.



Thanks to our Sponsors 

The Christchurch APN branch is only possible thanks to the ongoing
support and generosity our of sponsors:



Thank you!

The Christchurch APN Working Group:

Richie Moyle
Cameron McEwing
Owen Woollaston
Edwin Dando
Ian Ross




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