[AUG] Re: Scrum Board across multiple locations *** bright ideas needed ***

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Hi Julie,

We tend to do quite a bit of "distributed agile" out of necessity. 

We tend to keep the story details on an electronic tool like 
mingle/version one/sharepoint/jira/xplanner etc, as a kind of "single 
source of truth". In conjunction with that, I run a story wall in each 
location with just the card titles and points on them, so that the 
developers can have their daily meetings around it.  It's not ideal, but I 
think it's necessary to have something tactile in front of them, rather 
than having everything hidden away in an electronic tool or spreadsheet.


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[AUG] Scrum Board across multiple locations *** bright ideas needed ***

Hi all
Just wondering if anyone had some good ideas of how to replicate the Scrum 
Board across multiple locations?
The project I'm on now will end up having people working in 4-5 locations. 
 The Scrum Board is working really well for the core project team (all 
located in Chch), but as the project expands to include resources from the 
other locations, I need to figure out a way for everyone to have 
visibility of the Board.
Any ideas will be v much appreciated.
Can you send replies directly to juliegodfrey@xxxxxxxxxxx instead of back 
to everyone in the group.

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