[AUG] Re: Lenny Loh is out of the office.

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  • Date: Thu, 4 Dec 2008 09:24:45 +1300

well, well, well.  Isn't it funny the people who come out of the woodwork
when you least expect it!

Mr Loh.  How ARE you, after all these years??!!!

Hope things are going well for you - and that you've enjoyed a nice long
break by the look of your out-of-office message! :-)

Kind regards
(ex Trust Bank S&T, in case you've forgotten - but I'm SURE you haven't!)

Sally Lawson
Test Analyst
Quality Assurance, IT Solutions Group

+DDI: +64 3 964 8921  Fax:  +64 3  964 8759

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I will be out of the office starting  03/12/2008 and will not return until

Please ring the following person if you have any questions:
ACC - David Haigh on 021 460940
TEC - Alexandra Babitcheva on 021 2900832
MOH - Sunil Vadnerkar on 021 587219
Have a great Christmas and a successful 2009.

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