[AUG] Just a thought....and a question

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Citizens of Agile,

I enjoy reading what is discussed via this email group which leads me to a
thought (yes, it did hurt) and a question.

The thought::
"As a(n) agile user group member, I would like to be able to search past
threads, grouped by topic so that I can harness the knowledge within this
group when researching Agile"

The question:
Is there any interest in using an online forum facility rather than
creating multiple email groups for various topics, or is it easier to just
keep things as they are?

Paul Hogan
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(P.S. Depending on the response, I am available to do the leg work )

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          Rather than using this email group for skills transfer, I think we 
should try an alternative as not all will want to get bombarded with     
 emails as good questions & answers arise. I will look into setting up a 
seperate Scrum/Agile email group for us, but in the meantime you will find   
 great feedback on the Group "Yahoo Scrum" which I believe is run by Ken 
 On the point of distributed teams, I have worked on many projects like this, 
some which spanned UK, Europe & India. After trying Webcams, Excell     
 spreadsheets, Agile tools (like VersionOne), my teams still ended up choosing 
the centralised "Information radiator" for the main office. Obviously  
 this is not the silver bullet, but I believe there are examples of the virtual 
whiteboard out there, not perfect as yet, but be patient.             
 I will post some example sites shortly.                                        
 The important thing (in my experience) is not to over complicate the process. 
Yellow post-its/Index Cards work really well and give a good sence of  
 achievement when moving them to "Done". Once we have a simple an elegant 
electronic version of this, we are on to a winner (IMHO).                   
 Best Regards                                                                   
 Richie Moyle                                                                   
 Agile Coach & Project Manager                                                  
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  Hi Julie,                                                                     
  We currently have distributed teams in our three offices in NZ, and we have 
been using a simple powerpoint approach fairly successfully - i.e. we   
  have replicated the user story cards and even yellow stickies in the 
presentation to represent the tactile approach. After each daily stand up we   
  also print out the relevant slides and put them up on the walls, not the most 
ideal solution but at least they can get to see it as though it was a 
  real board. (A3 is a good size)                                               
  Anyway, check out the attached and see if it is of any use.                   
  David Bales                                                                   
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  Application Development and Support                                           
  IT Solutions Group                                                            
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 Julie Godfrey <juliegodfrey@xxxxxxxxxxx>                                       
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            [AUG] Scrum Board across multiple locations *** bright    
            ideas needed ***                                          
  Hi all                                                                        
  Just wondering if anyone had some good ideas of how to replicate the Scrum 
Board across multiple locations?                                         
  The project I'm on now will end up having people working in 4-5 locations..  
The Scrum Board is working really well for the core project team (all  
  located in Chch), but as the project expands to include resources from the 
other locations, I need to figure out a way for everyone to have         
  visibility of the Board.                                                      
  Any ideas will be v much appreciated.                                         
  Can you send replies directly to juliegodfrey@xxxxxxxxxxx instead of back to 
everyone in the group.                                                 
  Click here SEEK New Zealand's #1 jobsite                                      

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