[agi05] Re: agi05 Digest V1 #1

  • From: Jordi Bieger <jordi@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: agi05@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 13 Dec 2012 15:11:11 +0000

"Welcome Jordi"? Does that mean that you (Brian) and I are the only ones on
this list? Hopefully more people will join soon.

I'm generally more of a reader than a writer on lists like these,
especially when I'm somewhat new to a subject (like I am with AGI). I'll
try to contribute as much as I can though.

I thought the conference was fantastic. It really reinforced my belief that
AGI is what I want to spend my career developing. Most of the presentations
were very interesting, although for me personally it might have been even
better if there were a few less "ïmpacts" talks and a few more about
high-level overviews of cognitive architectures or other approaches to AGI.
I was a little sad that the roadmap discussion was so short, as I thought
that was one of the most interesting sessions.
Even more satisfying than the presentations were probably the conversations
I had with all of you during the breaks in between. I have spoken with a
lot of different people - from professors to students to people from
industry - with a great variety of perspectives on our common interest.
That is something I don't often find in daily life and I hope that we can
continue such an exchange of ideas on this mailing list.

A couple of things that might be interesting to discuss are AGI roadmaps
(e.g. can we measure partial progress, and if so, how?), and perhaps tips
for materials (books, articles, videos, etc.) that are good introductions
to the field or otherwise interesting for AGI.

Kind regards,

2012/12/12 brian hall <agi05@xxxxxxxxx>

> Welcome Jordi.
> It's hard to return to regular life after such an intense and exciting 4
> days, eh?
> So any quick thoughts, comments, insights you'd throw out here in the
> discussion list?
> For me what I'd say is now that I've done the conference and learned so
> much, I wish I could do it all again so I could learn even more! haha --
> where's our time machines.  To be honest the lecture on space-time
> coordinates at first I thought it was about the space-time CONTINUUM and
> was looking forward to something about AGI manipulating the fabric of the
> universe.  LOL
> I've got some ideas for the discussion list to help make it really high
> quality as I think we have a great opportunity to keep all our shared
> interests going.
> Cheers,
> Brian.

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