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Ken Schmahl, P.E. wrote:
| I hear it a lot from older businessmen with engineering degrees:
| Engineers make great businessmen.  Business is, in a simple case, a
| series of decisions drawn from options or problems, and engineers are
| particularly well suited to solving problems.  Your analysis, below, is
| a good example.

Well, that's a big part of it. But a good businessman must also
understand how to manage people, and to put it quite bluntly, there's a
reason why most engineers prefer to be engineers.

| After many years I've come to realize that I have a very poor sense of
| time or money.  I can do the *math*, but in practice its a different
| thing.

I've been telling you that for years. It's a big reason why your
politics are so screwed up. ;-)

| And since they are equated in some way it pretty much puts me in
| a bad place.  Thank God I married Belinda!!!  (Thank you God!)

Now, now, Ken. I'm sure Belinda also thanks God for marrying you (though
I'd love to know what *her* reasons are... ;-).

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