[adsi] Re: [them] Re: Excellent article about engineering job "shortages"

  • From: "Ken Schmahl, P.E." <kschmahl@xxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 11 Mar 2008 12:26:23 -0800

I hear it a lot from older businessmen with engineering degrees:

Engineers make great businessmen.  Business is, in a simple case, a series
of decisions drawn from options or problems, and engineers are particularly
well suited to solving problems.  Your analysis, below, is a good example.

After many years I've come to realize that I have a very poor sense of time
or money.  I can do the *math*, but in practice its a different thing.  And
since they are equated in some way it pretty much puts me in a bad place.
Thank God I married Belinda!!!  (Thank you God!)


p.s. yes, I changed the email group from THEM  to ADSI.

On 3/11/08, Clyde R. Visser, P.E. <electrical.engineer@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On 11 Mar 2008 at 9:31, Ken Schmahl, P.E. wrote:
> > At least we all know by now that we're haggling over the price!!
> There we were; eight of us waiting for the instructor to show up.  It was
> already ten minutes
> after eight in the morning in a non descript room waiting for a non
> descript instructor.  It being
> first lecture, you had to be there or be dropped from the class.  Five
> minutes go by.  No
> instructor.  We double checked the room; yeah, right room.  I had this
> feeling that I was doing
> something wrong, something basic.  But if that was the case, why would
> there be others
> sitting there too?  The feeling continued to nag at me.  Another ten
> minutes go by.  Then
> somebody checks, yet again, his class schedule printout and says, "This
> maybe a stupid
> question but isn't PM at night"?
> This past year, I've had that same feeling; I'm doing something wrong,
> something basic.  And
> I can't see it because so many others are doing it too.  I go to work.  I
> draw on my
> experience, talent, and education.  I apply them to the problem of the
> day.  I do this for two
> weeks.  They cut me a check for my efforts delivered in those two
> weeks.  If I stop going to
> work, they stop paying me.  That's the problem; my efforts carry no
> momentum.  Oh, they do
> for my employer but not for me.  Fine, there's usually some other carrot
> like stock or bonuses
> of some sort meant for the few.  (And those few are sworn to secrecy since
> it's ONLY a few
> who benefit.)  I could try to apply my experience, talent, and education
> to a product of MY
> choosing but what do I know about the other things needed to make it a
> go.  Nothing.  All I
> have is experience, talent, and education.  I could go into consulting to
> apply those things but
> the need for that paycheck and benefits prevents me from consulting on a
> full time basis.
> And consulting on a part time basis requires some very forgiving
> partner(s).  Which leaves
> the most basic consulting; teaching.  But teaching a face-to-face class
> requires me to be
> somewhere at a specific time.  And the students are only drawn from a
> geographically local
> pool.  But teaching online; aye, that's the
> ticket.  Non-real-time.  Unreal place.  I apply my
> experience, talent, and education to the subject matter and deliver it
> over the net for fun and
> profit!  The initial effort is a bit high though.  And marketing it
> afterwards is going to be new
> territory for me.  I'm currently working on an online VHDL class for the
> fall qtr at UCI
> Extension.  Since the material is mine (they stress that to me because
> they are not paying for
> it), I can market it else where.  If that works then my efforts will have
> momentum for me.
> Clyde

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